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Using Geographic and Custom Maps: Videos and Answers

JMP Product Manager Jeff Perkinson presented the April 14 Mastering JMP session, Using Geographic and Custom Maps. I divided his demo into three parts for you to watch at your leisure. By default, JMP installs map files in a Maps directory. Each map consists of two JMP data files with

Mixture Design Demos

Interested in DOE for mixture designs? Looking for tips on when and how to create simplex centroid, simplex lattice, ABCD and extreme vertices mixture designs? Want to review the case studies Lou Valente presented at his March 3 webcast, which is part of our weekly (into May 2011) live Mastering

References from Feb. 24 Mixture Designs Webcast

In his March 24 live webcast demo on Mixture Designs, Lou Valente referred to the work of John Cornell and promised to point you to data that you can use to try the Custom Design and Mixture platforms in JMP for yourself. Groupy and Creighton cover mixture design basics, in

JMP 9 Customized Menus -- Administration

This is the second in a series of posts on customized menus in JMP 9. The first post provided an overview of what has changed in JMP 9. In this post, I will provide some strategies for administrators who provide customized menus for large groups of JMP users. If you

JMP 9 Customized Menus -- What Has Changed?

What's changed in menu customization in JMP 9? The answer to that question is: “Almost everything.” In JMP 9, we took a good, hard look at our menu customization framework and found that it had a number of limitations: • You could import customized menus from various sources into JMP,

JMP and Microsoft Excel: Demos and Q&A

I promised the 400 people who attended Chuck Pirrello's Feb. 3 live webcast on using the JMP Add-In for Microsoft Excel a link to a JMP and Excel demo he recorded for you. Did you miss the live event? No problem. You can catch the 10-minute demo at your leisure.

Got JMP 8? You Can Map, Too

By now, you are probably aware that JMP 9 delivers some cool new mapping features. I definitely encourage you to experience them firsthand. However, if you still use JMP 8, or have a colleague who has not upgraded to JMP 9 yet, a new script on the JMP.com file exchange

Micro-Loan Program for Ugandan Women Uses JMP

It's exciting to see how JMP users transform data into information, and even more so when the effort involves students. For the second summer, students at Womens' Microfinance Initiative (WMI) used JMP to evaluate microfinance programs in Uganda. One of this year's students was my college-aged daughter, who introduced me

The People Behind JMP Software: Xan Gregg

This is the first in a series of Q&As with the JMP development team as we approach the release of JMP 9 on Oct. 12. Unless you go to events such as the Discovery Summit where attendees get to meet JMP developers in person, you probably know little about the

Why I Like JMP Analytics: A Graduate Student's Perspective

I have been an intern in the JMP Genomics department at SAS since May 2008 and am currently a student in the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) program at North Carolina State University. I’ve heard a lot of talk in the corporate world about analytics, but I’m not sure

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