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A Brief Demo of Neural Nets in JMP

Often we assume there is a complicated relationship between explanatory variables and responses. In these cases, neural networks (neural nets) are useful and can enable us to predict responses from a flexible network of functions of input variables. Neural nets can efficiently and flexibly model different response surfaces when it

University Student Used JMP in Research That Won Prize

Until recently, Emma Lookabaugh had never even heard of JMP. After using it for the first time this spring in an award-winning research project, she has become a fan. Emma is a senior at NC State University in Raleigh, North Carolina, not far from JMP offices at SAS headquarters. Hailing

Learn Conjoint (Discrete Choice) Experimental Design and Analysis

Conjoint designs are planned experiments that determine the features people want in a product and what they are willing to pay for them. Market researchers show respondents a controlled set of potential products or services and then analyze how respondents make preferences. On April 12, Leo Wright demonstrated how to

Saving Your Analyses in Many Ways Using JMP

One of the key parts of any analysis is to be able to communicate your findings in an organized manner. JMP has a variety of ways to save your analyses and share them with your colleagues. I've recently stepped through a number of ways to work with your analyses in

Diamonds Are Forever ... or Not

On a recent vacation cruise, while snorkeling with my wife in Cozumel, the diamond in her wedding band unfortunately was dislodged and became one with the ocean floor. After futile efforts to find the lost diamond, it was evident to me that I needed to get her a replacement ring

When Cutesy Is Confusing in Graphs

A colleague recently sent me a link to a Stubborn Mule blog post titled “Pyramid Perversion – More Junk Charts.” The author refers to a graphic (shown below) that came from the Consumerist. The Stubborn Mule author had a number of problems with it. I have even more. The graphic

Tree Maps Come of Age

While I was reading the news the other day, the BBC used a tree map to illustrate Internet traffic in January 2010 for the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, US and Australia (from Nielsen). The tree map was a pleasant surprise and a great way to communicate how

Turning On Laser Pointer in JMP

At every live Webcast, we get questions about how the presenter circles information in JMP. This tool, called the Laser Pointer, lets you temporarily draw attention to parts of a report. The colored line of the laser pointer persists until you release the mouse button. Laser Pointer works on JMP

See You at SAS Global Forum

It’s like I won a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. That’s what it feels like to be a SAS employee who’s asked to go to SAS Global Forum, April 11-14 in Seattle. The buzz on the demo-room floor, hearing from thought leaders both entertaining and enlightening, the interaction

Credit Cards: A Method Behind the Madness

It’s no surprise that a Google search for credit card offers yields more than 100 pages of links (and ads). Lou Valente, one of our design of experiments experts, recently used JMP to share a direct marketing DOE case study from the 2007 book Testing 1 - 2 - 3:

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