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JMP for Not Quite Dummies

I’ve always found the title of the book series "for Dummies" somewhat insulting. However, during many of the webcasts JMP offers, we get asked the question, “Is there a JMP for Dummies book?” Two SAS authors, Curt Hinrichs and Chuck Boiler, just released a concise illustrated guide that comes close.

Ramírez Book On Analyzing Data Using JMP Wins International Award

José and Brenda Ramírez are not only SAS and JMP experts, great teachers and smart, funny people. They’re also international technical publications winners. Their book, Analyzing and Interpreting Continuous Data Using JMP: A Step-by-Step Guide, won the International Technical Publications Competition (ITPC) Award of Excellence. The awarding organization is the

Graph Builder in JMP: A Short Demo and Tutorial

Graph Builder is among the easiest and most versatile platforms in JMP. In this short demo (duration: 04:19 | opens in a new window), extracted from a longer demo given by JMP Systems Engineer Sam Gardner, you see how to: Analyze data and visualize results by dragging variables into the

Train, Validate and Test for Data Mining in JMP

Data mining is looking for patterns and relationships in (sometimes large volumes of) data. Many methods, such as recursive partitioning and neural nets, are extremely sensitive to the sample of data being mined. How do you know if you are creating a model that would be useful for predicting future

GTRI Award Winner Uses JMP

I recently came across an announcement about a Georgia Tech Research Institute Distinguished Performance Award given to Tommer Ender. Tommer used JMP in his research when he worked with Dmitri Mavris as a PhD candidate at Georgia Tech. Tommer, now Dr. Ender, currently works at Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)

Get Head Start on Fall Semester with JMP Seminar This Summer

It’s a great time to learn about how to use JMP, either for teaching your course or doing your homework. The JMP Academic team will be presenting the online seminar titled JMP Basics for Professors and Students three times this summer: June 22, July 21 and August 17. If you

A Demo on Visualization with Bubble Plots in JMP

Bubble Plots in JMP are a good way to analyze and visualize the relationship between three or more variables, especially if you want to analyze over time or over any other continuous variable. JMP Systems Engineer Sam Gardner gave a brief demo (duration: 04:19 | opens in a new window)

How On-Time Are the Airlines? A Frequent Flier's Story

During my last trip home from a JMP customer visit, my flight was delayed getting out of Raleigh, North Carolina, due to mechanical problems. This caused me to miss my connection in Philadelphia, and I ended up with a six-hour layover awaiting the next flight home to Rochester, New York,

Visual Six Sigma -- Tips for Measurement Phase Using JMP

I chatted with Malcolm Moore, JMP Technical Manager for Europe, about the Scientific Computing article by Mark Anawis: "Six Sigma in the PC World -- Investigational approach benefits from the power of statistical tools." Anawis describes how statistical tools, including JMP, can be used as part of the DMAIC methodology.

Explore the New JMP Learning Library

The JMP Academic Team is proud to announce the initial release of the JMP Learning Library on our Web site. We created the Learning Library to provide resources for professors and for students who are taking introductory statistics courses. Of course, if you are an old timer like me, you

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