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Houston, We Have a Problem; JMP Has a Solution

I just read an Associated Press article in my local newspaper about how a piece of equipment on the space station is not functioning correctly. Its job is to convert urine and sweat into drinkable water for the astronauts, but apparently it works for only two hours at a time.

New Version of JMP Available Now

The latest version of JMP software for Windows starts shipping today. (Macintosh and Linux versions will be available in April 2009.) What's new in JMP 8? Let me share six crowd-pleasers. (1) The Graph Builder is a show-stopper. It lets you explore and visualize data by dragging and dropping variables

Making Anonymous Graphs in JMP 8

How can I use JSL to make a graph with no labels on the axes? There are a lot of reasons you might want to do this; maybe you are building a dashboard control that shows a custom picture, or maybe you have data that needs no labels. Anyway, there

Get a Discount When You Preorder JMP 8

Do you have a single-user, Windows license of JMP? If so, take advantage of our preorder discount on JMP 8. You'll save more than 25 percent if you preorder by Nov. 15! It's the first time JMP users have had the chance to preorder a new release and save. "We're

What Does a JMP Fanatic Do for Fun During Election Season? Part 1

Among the new features in JMP 8 is the Beta-Binomial distribution. This distribution arrives from assuming x|p ~ Binomial(n,p), and p ~ Beta(a,b). In other words, if you want to simulate a Beta Binomial variate, first randomly select a value of p from the Beta(a,b) distribution, and then use that

Choose to Help: Tell Us How JMP 8 Should Look

We've got a new JMP choice experiment up and running online, and we need you to take part in it. This time we're looking for feedback on how the Flash output in JMP 8 should look. The survey will show you 15 pairs of reports in JMP, a pair at

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