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Quality by Design (QbD) using JMP

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with course developer and JMP instructor Heath Rushing to talk about his new course “Quality by Design (QbD) Using JMP Software.” This course focuses on how to establish a systematic approach to pharmaceutical development that is defined by Quality-by-Design principles using design

Watch Quality by Design webinar over lunch

Does your company have an effective Quality by Design (QbD) program? Have you shown that you can efficiently determine critical process parameters and justify a control strategy using a thorough understanding of both the product and process? These are the requirements of QbD. Although initiated in pharmaceutics in Q8 Pharmaceutical

What’s a three-way chart, and why would I need one?

When I was at the JMP Discovery Summit last year, several people asked me, “What’s a three-way chart and why would I need one?” Not everyone needs one, but some might. In this blog post, I’ll tell you more about them and why you might want to use them. The

Three-way charts, an evolution of the Presummarize Control Chart

Many years ago, we added the Presummarized control charts to JMP version 5 at the request of folks in the semiconductor industry. While there are many types of Presummarized control charts, one of the most common is the chart called, “Individuals on Group Means,” which plots the subgroup average just

Nesting variables in the Control Chart Builder

In my first Control Chart Builder blog post “Control Charts are easy in JMP 10,” I used a column named “Date” on the X-axis. When I downloaded the data, it didn’t arrive as a date; I had to create the date column from the original month and year columns. Traditionally,

Custom Tests in the Control Chart Builder in JMP 10

In my last blog post, I noted that the Control Chart Builder is an overhaul of the older Control Chart platform. One of the most requested features for Control Charts was to offer a way to customize the tests that flag out-of-control samples. I’m happy to report that the new

Control Charts are easy in JMP 10

  JMP 10 introduces a snazzy way to create control charts with a new platform called Control Chart Builder. JMP's prior Control Charts were designed over two decades ago for the classic process engineer in manufacturing and were past due for an overhaul. The more we listened to which customers

Process control charts with drag & drop in JMP 10

Sometimes you don’t know what kind of hidden information is within your process measures, and feeding your data to a control chart chosen from a library can hide as much as it reveals. In contrast, Control Chart Builder in JMP 10 lets you dive deeper into your process control data

Bradley Jones wins ASQ Brumbaugh Award again

For the second time in three years, the American Society for Quality has named Bradley Jones, Principal Research Fellow at JMP, a recipient of the ASQ Brumbaugh Award. Jones and his co-author, Chris Nachtsheim of the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, won the award for their

New topics for Mastering JMP webcasts this autumn

The autumn lineup of live Mastering JMP webcasts is set. And if you are one of the 2,000+ JMP users who attended a live webcast during the first half of 2011, you'll notice some new topics: • Sept. 29: Finding the Best Predictive Model for Your Data • Oct. 6: