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3 steps to using data and Lean Six Sigma to drive decisions

In these long, hot (and wet! at least in the Northeast) days of summer, while people are off on vacation and doing other summer-type stuff, I’ve decided to use the “down” time to do something new. I’m working on a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt project around increasing the effectiveness

Bradley Jones appointed as new editor of Journal of Quality Technology

Journal of Quality Technology has appointed Bradley Jones as its new editor starting next year. JQT is a journal published by ASQ that emphasizes applied techniques in industrial statistics, including experimental design, Brad’s specialty. Brad’s current role at SAS is Principal Research Fellow at JMP, where he develops software for

Video Case Study: Explore and Leverage Historical Data

On April 28, Jami Hampton presented a case study using historical data to help determine the cost and cause of a company's late shipments. The company's goal? To improve its processes to ship on time and and increase profitability. Some of the customers charged the company when they received their