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Projects in JMP 7

One of the exciting new features in JMP 7 is the addition of Projects. For quite some time now, many of our users have been suggesting that JMP should provide some kind of mechanism that would allow them to collect all their data, documents, reports, etc. together in a single

All New and It's All Good

I attended the keynote address that started the JMP User Conference this year. John Sall showed us many of the new features, with compelling examples. Some of these additions and enhancements are a result of user comments and requests. Others are the result of the insight of JMP R&D to

Opening an Internet Data File

JMP has long had the Internet Open command in the file menu, and similar functionality is available through JSL in JMP 7. Specifically, you can now pass a URL to the Open and Load Text File operators. Here's an example that reads crop data from the USDA site. The result

Colors in JSL

In addition to more color options in the user interface, JMP 7 also adds more robust color control in JSL. JMP's encoding of palette colors as positive numbers has been expanded to encode 24-bit colors as negative numbers. Numbers representing colors in this way are called JSL color values. All

Histogram Color

The most prominent color change for JMP 7 is the histogram color. Feedback from users and experts told use that the bright green of JMP of old put too much emphasis on the bars themselves at the expense the overall shape and other adornments, such as fitted distribution curves. For

Custom Row State Colors

Though JMP 6 and earlier support full RGB color in most graphics, row state colors used for data marks have been limited to the colors in JMP's general-purpose 65-color palette. With JMP 7, that limitation has been lifted. How do you set row states to colors that are not in

JMP 7 Colors

During the development of JMP 7, I learned more than I ever wanted to know about color. At one extreme are the physicists studying optics and at another extreme are the biologists exploring color receptors and their connections to the brain. Somewhere in the middle is the study of the

SAS Global Forum Opening Session

You'd think that in 18 years of employment at SAS I'd have been to SAS Global Forum (nee SUGI) more than twice, but you'd be wrong. I'm a second-timer this year. My first SUGI was also in Orlando at the Dolphin, so as far as I'm concerned, this is the

JMP 7.0 enters the production pipeline

JMP 7.0 is only a few weeks away now that it has entered the production system. The first release out the door will be for 32-bit Windows on annual license, and the others will follow over the next few months. I am very pleased with the super effort from all