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Fall in Love with JMP

Searching for a way to understand your business data better? JMP may be the perfect match – no flowers required! Check out our new interactive data story about a fictional candy maker. It shows you – step by step – how JMP joins together data from different sources, helps you

Listening to the Voice of the Customer

What are your customers saying? To find out, some companies are employing Voice of the Customer research and JMP software, according to an article in Quality Digest. Voice of the Customer (VOC) research is for finding out what attracts customers to a company and drives them away from its competitors.

Improving Your Fly-Fishing Odds – with JMP

Most of us who brave Midwest winters pursuing steelhead trout – the ocean-going form of rainbow trout – already know that you have to pay your dues. It’s well worth the effort when we achieve a solid hook set into the awesome power of the famed silver torpedoes. So, how

Connected Trails in Bubble Plot

The most common question we get regarding Stephen Few's white paper and webcast on visualizing change is about the scripts for showing the connected trails in bubble plots. Often the existing bubble trails are overlapping, so the progression is clear, but when the bubble trails are spaced out it can

Extras Menu

JMP 7 makes it possible to share menu customizations by exporting and importing menus or submenus (see Part 1 and Part 2 of Richard Potter's blog entries on menu customization). I recently posted a menu customization (.jmpmenu file) to JMP Extras that provides a place to put small add-ons. It's

Six Sigma Menu for JMP 7

Using JMP for Six Sigma? Looking for a Six Sigma menu to add into JMP 7? Many of you use the optional JMP 6 Six Sigma menu. We have had numerous request to make that menu available for JMP 7. As part of the process we would like to like

Quantum Random Numbers

A few weeks ago, researchers at Institut Ruđer Bošković in Croatia announced a Quantum Random Bit Generator Service. JMP uses a very good Mersenne Twister psuedo-random number generator, but if you want to play with true random numbers, I've uploaded a JMP data table comparing four generators and including a

Menu Customization in JMP 7 – Part 2

The menu editor has been given a new interface in the Windows version of JMP 7. You access the menu editor by selecting the “Menus and Toolbars” command from the “Customize” submenu at the bottom of the “Edit” menu. (Click to view full size image) Accessing the Menu Editor from

The File System Toolbar in JMP 7

JMP 7 introduces a new toolbar called the File System toolbar. You make this toolbar appear by selecting the “File System” command from the View menu. Although this toolbar will initially appear docked on the left-hand side of the main JMP window, like all of JMP’s other toolbars, it can