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Using Local Data Filter to customize workout graphs in JMP 12

My latest quantified self data visualization project uses JMP 12 to clean up and visualize my workout data. As I described in my previous post, I cleaned up exercise names in my data table using the JMP 12 Recode platform. I also used Recode to create hierarchical exercise groupings, assigning exercises to primary body areas,

Cleaning up workout data with Recode in JMP 12

In my previous blog post, I shared how I created a table of workout information in JMP and summarized my workout patterns in 2014. To drill down into more detailed summaries of my data at the exercise level, I first had to clean up my data table with the JMP 12 Recode

Exploring workout data history with Graph Builder

I have already posted in my fitness and food blog series about automating the import of my BodyMedia activity and food log data files via JSL and visualizing my data in JMP. I presented an e-poster on this project at the 2014  Discovery Summit US conference, which I've posted in the JMP

Using images to bring JMP 12 graphs to life

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to speak at a National Wear Red Day lunch-and-learn at SAS. I was invited to share my data and experiences as we marked a day devoted to raising awareness of the sobering statistics about cardiovascular disease risk among women. Heart attack and stroke are responsible for one of every

Reflections on my ongoing diet and fitness project

I've blogged quite a lot recently about using Graph Builder to visualize my diet and fitness data, and you can see all posts in this series. While creating my Discovery Summit 2014 e-poster about this project, I significantly broadened my skills as a JMP user. This was the first time I wrote a

Cleaning up and visualizing my food log data with JMP 12

In an earlier blog post, I shared that I used the JMP 12 version of the Recode platform to clean up food item names in a data table containing nearly four years of  food log information. I was able to halve the number of unique food item names that appeared in my ~35,000-row table, reducing the

Visualizing pregnancy and post-baby weight loss with Graph Builder

My first favorite visualization from my JMP Discovery Summit poster was a multiple-element Graph Builder creation that tracked my weight trends through pregnancy, post-baby weight loss, and two and half years of weight maintenance. This seems like an especially appropriate time of year to share this graph since  so many New Year's resolutions include weight

Exploring and visualizing sleep data with JMP

My BodyMedia® FIT® armband uses a variety of sensors to monitor my movements, including an accelerometer and gyroscope. When plugged into a computer via USB or connected via Bluetooth to an iPhone, the data stored on my device is uploaded to BodyMedia® servers and an algorithm runs to determine when