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Recoding BodyMedia® food log data in JMP

I ended my previous blog post at the point in my JMP Discovery Summit project when I realized the extent of food item name redundancy across my nearly four years of food logs collected with the BodyMedia® Activity Manager app. While I knew I had eaten differently prepared varieties of certain foods, the replication was

Using JSL to import BodyMedia® FIT® food log files into JMP

In my previous blog post, I described how I imported my BodyMedia® Activity Summary data files from Excel into JMP. Today, I will share how I automated importing nearly four years of my BodyMedia® food logs into JMP. I have also uploaded an add-in to the JMP File Exchange that

Digging into my diet and fitness data

If you’re a regular reader of the JMP Blog, then you already know that those of us who work for JMP have taken a page from the Hair Club for Men. From our hobbies to internal activities, the people who work at JMP are also JMP users! I seriously considered