Generating control limits using Control Chart Builder

You may recall my recent blog post, Control Limits and Specification Limits: Where do they come from and what are they. Now that we understand the difference between control limits and specification limits, let's focus on control limits and the stability of a process. Here, I will use Control Chart Builder to create

Simulate Responses in JMP 13 is revamped to be more useful

The Simulate Responses feature throughout various design of experiments (DOE) platforms has always been a useful tool for generating a set of responses according to a specified model. I use it frequently for the simulated responses in Fit Model (or other appropriate platforms), as a way to check that the

The QbD Column: Applying QbD to make analytic methods robust

In our previous blog post, we wrote about using designed experiments to develop analytic methods. This post continues the discussion of analytic methods and shows how a new type of experimental design, the Definitive Screening Design[1] (DSD), can be used to assess and improve analytic methods. We begin with a

Using Virtual Join in JMP 13 to explore adverse events data

Virtually joining data tables is a new capability in JMP 13 that can save you space and memory, while increasing your productivity in analyzing your data from multiple tables. This new feature can help with large data tables, and save you time in trying to figure out the best way

Interactive HTML: Profilers in 3 more platforms in JMP 13

In JMP 12, an interactive HTML Profiler was added, as I had previously blogged about. That change mainly updated the existing Flash functionality to HTML5 technology, making it available on mobile devices like an iPad, but it also introduced a few new features. Among these was the option of exporting

JMP User Community redesign and relaunch is underway

If you visited the JMP User Community recently, you probably noticed that things are different. All of the "Actions" options you typically use -- like Edit, Reply, Start a discussion, Write a document, Upload a file, etc. -- are not available. That's because the Community is being redesigned and upgraded.

The QbD Column: Is QbD applicable for developing analytic methods?

Development of measurement or analytic methods parallels the development of drug products. Understanding of the process monitoring and control requirements drives the performance criteria for analytical methods, including the process critical quality attributes (CQAs) and specification limits. Uncovering the characteristics of a drug substance that require control to ensure safety

13 reasons data access is better than ever in JMP 13

For most of us, the data we analyze in JMP starts out somewhere else: in a relational database, Excel, a CSV file or perhaps SAS. The need to seamlessly move such data into JMP and prepare it for analysis led us to introduce the Query Builder feature in JMP 12.

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