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Video: Red triangles in JMP

The little red triangles in JMP are ubiquitous, hard-working and powerful! Here's a quick video by my colleague Ryan DeWitt on these drop-down menus that some users call "hot spots," "inverted triangles" or just plain old "triangles." Subscribe to the JMP channel on YouTube to see the latest videos.

Understanding which baseball players are the strongest hitters

Just days after the baseball season has started, two 10th-graders from a public high school in Delaware and their math teacher are headed to Furman University for the Carolinas Sports Analytics Meeting on Saturday to talk baseball. The students, Umar Khan and Tyler Schanzenbach, both 15 years old, are presenting

Top-rated conference papers and posters

One of the best reasons to attend a Discovery Summit conference is to learn from other JMP users. The conference features high-quality paper and poster presentations that show how using  JMP helped to solve a business problem. The recent meeting in Amsterdam was no exception to this. Fortunately, many of

Follow the live blog of Richard Wiseman keynote

Richard Wiseman is the Professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He delivers a keynote speech at Discovery Summit Europe 2016 in Amsterdam titled "The Luck Factor." Based on his book of the same name, Wiseman's speech outlines the principles of good luck: maximising chance

View the live blog of Douglas Montgomery speech

Arizona State University professor Doug Montgomery gives a keynote speech at Discovery Summit Europe 2016 in Amsterdam titled "The Flight of the Phoenix." Montgomery, a professor of engineering and statistics, discusses the reasons that some people had believed that design of experiments was no longer of interest -- as well

Follow the live blog of David J. Hand keynote

David J. Hand is Senior Research Investigator and Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at Imperial College London. His speech at Discovery Summit Europe 2016 in Amsterdam this morning is titled, "Playing in Everyone's Backyard." The speech title is a reference to John Tukey's famous statement: “The best thing about statistics is

View the live blog of John Sall keynote speech

SAS co-founder and JMP creator John Sall is giving a keynote speech this morning at Discovery Summit Europe 2016 in Amsterdam titled "The Design of JMP." Sall says, "JMP was created in response to various forces, situations and opportunities. It evolved to address needs in unique ways. It got very

So, you like hearing from our developers

Last year, you heard from many people in JMP Development here in this blog. And it turns out you liked that best! Almost all of the top 10 posts of 2015 were written by R&D folks, and that's not a surprise. Our developers have tons of useful information and examples,

It's time to update your copy of JMP 12 and JMP Pro 12

Are you using JMP 12 or JMP Pro 12? If so, please read on.... A maintenance update for JMP 12 and JMP Pro 12 is now available, and it’s recommended for all users and sites. What's in JMP 12.2? JMP 12.2 includes bug fixes and a few new features, including:

Top JMP add-ins of 2015

It's nearly the end of the year, and we are taking a look at the activity in the JMP User Community. Last time, I shared the top content among Discussions posts. Today, we have list of the most popular JMP add-ins, courtesy of community manager Stan Koprowski. Never used a

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