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JMP 13 Preview: Interactive HTML comes to Graph Builder

With interactive HTML reports, you can easily share the results of your analysis with a broader community while retaining the ability to interact with graphs and data. All you need is a web browser. Soon after interactive HTML became available for many JMP reports in JMP 11, customers began asking

JMP 13 Preview: Customer-driven Graph Builder improvements

Graph Builder is one of the most-used parts of JMP. As a result, the drag-and-drop graph creation platform receives a large number of customer requests for features and changes. The next version of JMP includes many Graph Builder improvements that directly resulted from these requests. One big example are the

What’s coming in JMP 13? More customer-driven features

It’s that time again! A new version of JMP will be released soon – next month, in fact, on the day that JMP creator John Sall gives his keynote speech at Discovery Summit. What’s in this new version? There’s a lot to get excited about. That’s why the JMP Blog

Video: Using Recode in JMP for data preparation

Data preparation before modeling is an unavoidable chore. One of the most time-consuming tasks can be cleaning up categorical data that may have misspellings, inconsistent capitalization and abbreviations, and the like. The Recode tool in JMP makes data prep a lot easier. Watch this video by my colleague Ryan DeWitt

Video: Subsetting data from a JMP Distribution report

Let's say you are in the Distribution platform in JMP, and you have created a report that you wish to drill down into. Well, the Local Data Filter can help with that. But perhaps you also want to share a portion of the data with a co-worker, and not just

Video: Joining tables in JMP

Joining tables that are open in JMP is a task we often need to do when collecting and combining data from different sources or observation dates. Plus, you may want to customize your join further, for example, by matching specific columns or even leaving out a few columns. Watch the demo

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