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SAS is a participating member in 2013 International Year of Statistics

SAS is a participating member in 2013 International Year of Statistics

SAS has had a many good years. But that's old news. In the past. Old hat. This is a new year, and we don't rest on our laurels. We may toot our own horn about our laurels, but we don't rest on 'em.

Peer Revue's job is to inform you of peer-reviewed papers by SAS authors. 2013 being the International Year of Statistics, here is your first taste of what my SAS peers will be presenting or participating in ("statistically speaking", as it were) during 2013.

We begin with the imminent (and eminent!) 2013 American Statistical Association Conference on Statistical Practice, February 21 - 23, 2013 at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel. Some of my peers who'll be there:

  1. Sanjay Matange will speak on Do Your Graphs Speak Clearly?
  2. Patrick Hall presents, Creating Data Visualizations with SAS® and the Processing Graphics Language
  3. David Schlotzhauer is the session chair of the Software and Graphics theme.

A lot of my peers will be presenting at SAS®Global Forum 2013! Here's a tentative list.

Chris Hemedinger Create Your Own Client Apps using SAS Integration Technologies
Dan O'Connor Take home the ODS Crown Jewels - Master the new production features of ODS LAYOUT, and Report Writing Interface techniques
Bruce Nawrocki HTML detail drill-down links: how to add them to your stored process reports on the SAS Portal
Chevell Parker The SAS® Output Delivery System: Boldly Take Your Web Pages Where They Have Never Gone Before!
Michael Hecht Tips and Techniques for Moving SAS® Data to JMP® Graph Builder for iPad
Mickael Bouedo, Steve Beatrous (Presenter) Internationalization 101: Give some international flavor to your SAS applications
Kevin McGowan Big Data, Fast Processing Speeds
Bill McNeill The Ins and Outs of Web Based Data with SAS
Brad Richardson Optimize Your Delete
Rick Langston Submitting SAS Code on the Side
Tim Hunter A First Look at the ODS Destination for PowerPoint®
Bari Lawhorn Renovating Your SAS® 9.3 ODS Output: Tools for Everything from Minor Remodeling to Extreme Makeovers
Scott Sams SAS® BI Dashboard: Interactive, Data-Driven Dashboard Applications Made Easy
Michael Drutar SAS Stored Processes Are Goin' Mobile! – Creating and Delivering Mobile-Enabled Versions of Stored Process Reports
Bharat Trivedi, Lycan Linking Strategy Data in BI Applications
David Shubert Data Entry in SAS Strategy Management – A New, Better User (and Manager) Experience
Anand Chitale, Christopher Redpath Whirlwind tour around SAS Visual Analytics
Murali Nori How Mobile changes the BI experience
Rick Styll Fast Dashboards Anywhere with SAS® Visual Analytics
Keith Myers Popular Tips and Tricks to Help You Use SAS® Web Report Studio More Efficiently
Nascif Abousalh-Neto The Forest and the Trees: See it all with SAS Visual Analytics Explorer
Sam Atassi, Malcolm Alexander Self Service Data Management: Visual Data Builder
Oita Coleman SAS Business Intelligence panel discussion: “What's the right path for me?”
Rick Styll What's New in SAS® EBI for SAS 9.3
Mark Brown, Brian Chick Hot off the Press: SAS Marketing Automation 6.1
Lori Jordan, Shawn Skillman You're Invited! Learn How SAS Uses SAS® Software to Invite You to SAS® Global Forum
Dave Gribbin, Amy Glassman SAS Treatments – How one Casino Came up Aces with a Customized Treatment Process
Nancy Rausch, Malcolm Alexander+C34 Best Practices in SAS Data Management for Big Data
Casper Pedersen How to do a successful MDM project in SAP using SAS/DataFlux qMDM
Charlotte Crain, Mike Frost, Scott Gidley In-Database Data Quality – Performance for Big Data
Nancy Rausch, Malcolm Alexander What's New in SAS Data Management
Jeff Bailey, Tatyana Petrova The SQL Tuning Checklist: Making Slow Database Queries a Thing of the Past
Scott Gidley, Nancy Rausch Best Practices in Enterprise Data Governance
Arila Barnes, Jared Peterson, Saratendu Sethi Unleashing the Power of Unified Text Analytics to Categorize Call Center Data
Russell Albright, Janardhana Punuru, Lane Surratt Relate, Retain, and Remodel: Creating and Using Context-Sensitive Linguistic Features in Text Mining Models
Miguel M. Maldonado, Wendy Czika, Susan Haller, Naeem Siddiqi Creating Interval Target Scorecards with Credit Scoring for SAS® Enterprise Miner™
Taiyeong Lee, Ruiwen Zhang, Xiangxiang Meng, Laura Ryan (presenter) Incremental Response Modeling Using SAS® Enterprise Miner™
Jonathan Wexler, Wayne Thompson Time is precious, so are your models: SAS provides solutions to streamline deployment
Scott Wilkins An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure - How SAS Helps Prevent Fraud and Financial Crimes with an Analytical Approach to Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
Cary Orange, Donald Erdman, Stacey Christian Managing and Analyzing Financial Risk on Big Data with High-Performance Risk and Visual Analytics
Jimmy Skoglund, Wei Chen Integrated Framework for Stress Testing in SAS
Ryan Schmiedl Next Generation Detection Engine for Fraud & Compliance
Andrew Henrick, Stacey Christian; Donald Erdman (presenter) Hashing in Proc FCMP to Enhance Your Productivity
Diane Olson Developer Reveals: Extended Data Set Attributes
Sanjay Matange A Day in the Life of Data: Part 4 Graphics & Reporting
Cynthia Zender Macro Basics for New SAS Users
Sandy Gibbs, Donna Bennett (Presenter) Double-Clicking a SAS® File: What Happens Next?
Kathryn McLawhorn Tips for Generating Percentages Using the TABULATE Procedure
Vincent DelGobbo Some Techniques for Integrating SAS Output with Microsoft Excel Using Base SAS®
Rick Wicklin Getting Started with the SAS/IML® Language
Arnie de Castro, Greg Link Smarter Grid Operations with SAS/OR
Andrew Pease, Ayesgul Peker The Hospital Game: Optimizing Scheduling to Save Resources, and to Save Lives
Ed Hughes, Tao Huang, Yan Xu Parallel Multistart Nonlinear Optimization with PROC OPTMODEL
Sanjay Matange Patient Profile Graphs using SAS
Albert Hopping, Satish Garla, Rick Monaco What do your consumer habits say about your health? Using third-party data to predict individual health risk and costs
Carrie Boorse, Kathy Schaan, Stuart Levine Identifying and Addressing Post-Marketing Pharmaceutical Safety Surveillance and Spontaneous Reported Events
Richard Zink Assessing Drug Safety with Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling Using PROC MCMC and JMP
Shelly Goodin, Kirsten Hamstra, Meg Crawford Branding Yourself Online
Lisa Horwitz The Successful SAS Shop: Ten Ideas, Suggestions, and Radical Notions
Rick Langston A Macro to Verify a Macro Exists
Douglas Liming Don't let the number of columns hold you back!
Sanjay Matange Make a Good Graph
Cynthia Zender, Allison Booth+C68 Turn Your Plain Report into a Painted Report Using ODS Styles
Darrell Massengill “Google-like” maps in SAS
Kevin Smith Cascading Style Sheets - Breaking Out of the Box of ODS Styles
David Kelley, Julianna Langston, Ed Summers+C71 Go Mobile with the ODS EPUB Destination
Lelia McConnell GTL to the Rescue!
Prashant Hebbar, Sanjay Matange Free Expressions and Other GTL Tips
Atul Kachare Analysis and Visualization of Email communication using Graph Template Language
Wanda Shive Applying Customer Analytics to Promotion Decisions
Jennifer Bjurstrom Improving Your Relastionship with SAS Enterprise Guide: Tips from SAS Technical Support
Casey Smith What SAS Administrators Should Know About Security and SAS Enterprise Guide
Lina Clover, Anand Chitale, I-kong Fu+C79 A tour of new features in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3, 5.1, and 6.1
Chris Hemedinger For All the Hats You Wear: SAS Enterprise Guide Has Got You Covered
Warren Kuhfeld, Ying So Creating and Customizing the Kaplan-Meier Survival Plot in PROC LIFETEST
Yang Yuan Computing Direct and Indirect Standardized Rates and Risks with the STDRATE Procedure
Christian Macaro, Jan Chvosta, Kenneth Sanford Using New Bayesian Techniques in SAS/ETS® to Analyze Data Containing Limited Dependent Variables
Fang K. Chen Missing No More: Using the MCMC Procedure to Model Missing Data
Phil Gibbs, Randy Tobias, Kathleen Kiernan, Jill Tao Having an EFFECT: More General Linear Modeling and Analysis with the New EFFECT Statement in SAS/STAT® Software
Warren Kuhfeld, Weijie Cai Introducing the New ADAPTIVEREG Procedure for Adaptive Regression
John Sall From Big Data to Big Statistics
Bobby Gutierrez Good as New or Bad as Old? Analyzing Recurring Failures with the RELIABILITY Procedure
Guixian Lin, Bob Rodriguez Using the QUANTLIFE Procedure for Survival Analysis
Bob Derr Ordinal Response Modeling with the LOGISTIC Procedure
Maura Stokes Current Directions in SAS/STAT Software Development
Saravana Chandran, Rob Stephens Integrating SAS into your operational environment: SOA a means to an end
Tom Keefer, Rich Pletcher, Daniel Zuniga, Virtualized Environment for SAS High Performance Products
Donna Bennett, Mark Schneider, Gerry Nelson Do I need a Migration Guide or an Upgrade Coach?
Fred Forst A Case Study of Tuning an EBI Application in a Multi-OS Environment
Barbara Walters, Ken Gahagan, Leigh Ihnen, Vicki Jones How to Choose the Best Shared File System For Your Distributed SAS Deployment
Stuart Rogers Kerberos & SAS 9.4: A Three Headed Solution for Authentication
Tony Brown, Margaret Crevar SAS® and the New Virtual Storage Systems
Amy Peters, Bob Bonham, Zhiyong Li Monitoring 101: New Features in SAS 9.4 for Monitoring Your SAS Intelligence Platform
Bryan Wolfe, Amy Peters Enhance Your High Availability Story by Clustering Your SAS Metadata Server in 9.4
Chuck Hunley, Michael King, Casey Thompson, Rob Hamm Tips and Techniques for deploying SAS in an application virtualization environment
Helen (Honglian) Pan Best Practices for Deploying Your SAS Applications in a High-Availability Cluster

Not all of them are #stats2013 related but many of them do touch on SAS' statistics and analytics. You can go to the SAS Global Forum Agenda Builder and browse around; there is a huge Statistics and Data Analysis section!

Elsewhere, if we're not speaking, we're attending.

Thanks to Maura Stokes, Senior R&D Director of Statistical Applications at SAS and Memsy Price, SAS Product Marketing Manager, for highlighting upcoming conferences and events and SAS® Global Forum talks.

Stay tuned for more highlights and pointers to peer-reviewed papers authored by my SAS peers.


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