Analytics blogger – Journalist or personal diary?

There are several bloggers like me who write about the topics of analytics and enterprise risk and performance management (ERM / EPM). What are our writing styles?

Some do a deep dive into the details of equations and algorithms of analytics or of the various methodologies like strategic balanced scorecards and customer profitability analysis. Some write about current news such as happenings with Facebook, Apple, or other companies. Some write help advice articles with tips on how to be more effective and successful applying these techniques.

What is my writing style?

I have been blogging weekly for over five years. I also write monthly columns for (now eight years), SmartData,, the Institute of International, and Business These pieces are regularly re-posted at, KPI, and the EPM When I contemplate on my writings I cannot determine if I write like a journalist or as if I am sharing with readers my personal diary. What is the difference?

A journalist writes as a news reporter. Think Lois Lane, Clark Kent, or Tom Friedman. In contrast, a diary writes about personal thoughts, feelings, and perspectives, and it is intended for limited circulation amongst friends and relatives.

I sense that my writing style is a hybrid combination – what I call a diary-ist. Sometimes my blogs and articles refer to books authored on various topics, and sometimes they are a personal reflection of my thoughts. I prefer the latter – writing essays like a diary.

Write for your target readers and followers

I have been very fortunate to have had a 40+ year career implementing and observing applications of analytics and performance improvement methods and systems. My earlier writings were educational. Examples included explaining how to construct a balanced scorecard with key performance indicators (KPIs), how to design a managerial accounting system to measure customer profitability and value, and how to reform a broken budgeting process with predictive analytics.

My later writings have been more motivational with attempts to be inspirational. I write for followers who are struggling to get buy-in and overcoming the human nature resistance to change. I try to inject humor. My motive is to accelerate the adoption rate of analytics, ERM, and EPM which are now proven. Technology is no longer the barrier. Peoples' behavior and an organization’s culture are the obstacles.

A close friend mentioned to me that I write like Mark Twain and Will Rogers. I write for the common worker. Examples are my pieces “We’re Down Here,”   "Geeks are Chic",  and “More Spocky, Less Rocky.”

My article “True Confessions – My Struggle with Two Loves” sums up my current writing style. I write as a diary that I choose to share with friends. I write for the advancement of understanding and the adoption rate of methods to provide employees, managers, and executives with better information to gain insights and foresights for better decisions. I write to help others with organizational transformation. I love my work, and it has loved me back.

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