Tales From the Field

“Oh,the places we will go” Conferences, trade shows, professional developments sessions, school visits. We see a lot of great things being done in technology education and want to share it with you.

Students & Educators
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TCEA 2014 Reflections

I was lucky enough to attend the annual Texas Computer Education Association Convention in early February, also my first visit to Austin. At the annual Educator Awards and Scholarships Reception, sponsored by SAS, TCEA President Kari Murphy honored nominees and winners, including Classroom Teacher of the Year and Instructional Technology Specialist of the Year. Each finalist had embraced

Students & Educators
Ralph Moore 0
The Problem Solvers

Spend time with educators and a few simple truths emerge: There is never enough time, resources are constrained, requirements grow more complex, and so on, and so on. If you travel to enough education-related conferences, the refrains become all too predictable. Yet at these same conferences, you learn about people

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