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Providing educators with the tools they need to engage their students means meeting them where they are on the platforms they're using. That’s exactly why we've developed the Curriculum Pathways app for Schoology. After installing the app, teachers (and students) benefit from the ease of single sign-on (SSO) between Schoology and the high-quality digital resources in Curriculum Pathways. Educators can even take advantage of Crio, an authoring tool that allows students to learn from what teachers create.

Getting started with Curriculum Pathways at the teacher/course level is as simple as installing the app:


After installing the app, teachers need to add it to their courses. They do that by installing Curriculum Pathways to their profile:


We also support district-wide installations of the Curriculum Pathways app for Schoology. Please contact us at for details.



About Author

Lee Ellen Harmer

Outreach and Collaborations Manager

SAS’ CEO Dr. Jim Goodnight made Curriculum Pathways® available at no cost to the nation’s educators in 2008 and committed SAS to continued support, enhancement and expansion of the tools, resources, and apps. It became Lee Ellen Harmer’s sole focus to promote Curriculum Pathways in schools across the US…and it is now in use across all 50 states and globally. Lee Ellen originally joined SAS in 2008 to sell Curriculum Pathways and has also managed sales of traditional SAS software for teaching and research in higher education. Much of her career has been in sales and marketing to the Education industry, including experience in enterprise software sales to the industry for Red Hat (a vendor of Linux and open source technology). Lee Ellen has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a marketing concentration from Wake Forest University (Winston Salem, NC).

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