Big News for Canvas Users!


Here's big news!  It's now easier than ever to access Curriculum Pathways resources via Canvas. In addition, educators can now access Crio, our new authoring tool where students learn from what you create. Your lessons created with Crio, as well as the thousands of lessons in Curriculum Pathways, are all available in Canvas. Those lessons can then be pulled into courses, assignments, and modules in Canvas for use with your students.

Here's a quick video on the new process.

If you're a Canvas customer who’d like to use the thousands of tools and lessons in Curriculum Pathways, you can start by simply adding Curriculum Pathways as an app.


You can find the SAS Curriculum Pathways app on the Canvas app page.

Longtime Canvas user?  The process you've used in the past -- detailed below -- still works!  Feel free to leverage that or take advantage of the newer, more seamless approach in the video above.

Creating Assignments using Curriculum Pathways resources

Once the app is set up, teachers can start to create new assignments with Curriculum Pathways resources. Using either the Dashboard or Courses tab on the right side of the window, select the class in which the assignment will reside.


By clicking the appropriate course, you'll be taken to the class page home. In the window on the left, you'll see another set of tabs, including one for assignments. Click here to view all the current and past assignments you've created for this class. In the top-right corner, you'll see a blue button labeled + Assignment, which allows you to create a new assignment. You may enter your assignment name, add a description, specify who will complete the task, when it is due, etc.

Embedding Curriculum Pathways


To embed Curriculum Pathways in the assignment, you'll use the drop down menu box within the submission section of your assignment creation. You'll have the option to select an External Tool.



The Find button will allow you to select Curriculum Pathways and embed the link to the resource you wish to be completed.

Finding and Selecting Resources

Selecting Curriculum Pathways brings up the browse resources page. You can also do a keyword search using the search for resources text bar at the top of the pop-up box. Once you have found the resource(s) that you wish to include in your LMS, simply check the box labeled Add To My LMS beside the resource description; then select Back to my LMS to confirm your selections.


Once you're in Curriculum Pathways, on the left side, many filter options are available, such as discipline, grade level, type, and compatibility, which will direct you to the resource best suited for the assignment.

Submitting Student Work


For students to submit their work on this task, a second assignment must be created within Canvas. As before, click the + Assignment button in the proper course page, and enter your assignment name, a description, who will complete the task, when it is due, etc. However, you will choose Online from the Submission Type box and select File Uploads.

By integrating Curriculum Pathways with Canvas, we not only offer all 1,700+ resources, but also allow easy implementation. Hopefully, with our smooth integration and this guidance, you're ready to begin using Curriculum Pathways in Canvas!


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