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Using Crio—the innovative lesson-building tool—teachers can combine their classroom expertise and creativity with proven technology to bring their ideal lessons to life with student-facing content. Crio puts audio, text, images, and video—along with the interactive content of Curriculum Pathways®—into the hands of educators. As teachers build and share new, engaging lessons, the resulting library of resources provides students with access to innovative content for any topic.

Crio enables educators to imagine, create, and share interactive lessons on any topic with their students!

"Crio opens up hundreds of resources to educators, and challenges them to feed their students' curiosity by creating amazing lessons," said Scott McQuiggan, Director of Curriculum Pathways at SAS. "We're eager to see our large community of educators expand their reach beyond the classroom, department, and district. Their best ideas can now reach students around the world."

Whether converting an existing paper lesson, or brainstorming a new one, Crio takes you from idea to student outcome.

Creating with Crio is easy

Curriculum Pathways developers have spent years creating engaging elements based on proven pedagogy. No programming or development experience is required to use Crio, as its drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to transform static, paper-based lesson plans into interactive, online resources. Features include:

  • A library of elements including audio, text, images, video, and several question types.
  • Customizable feedback with options for explanations, suggestions, and encouragement to promote deeper engagement beyond simple right or wrong responses.
  • A variety of question types, not simply multiple choice.
  • A robust lesson guide area provides notes, strategies, and additional resources for the creator or other educators using the lesson.
  • A portfolio for students to save, manage, and send their work.
  • Options for embedding and sharing lessons.
  • Integration in learning management systems including a variety of single sign on options.
  • The ability to share lessons publicly with millions of Curriculum Pathways users around the world.
  • Outlets for providing suggestions to Curriculum Pathways regarding new features for future releases.


Crio's drag-and-drop editing interface makes lesson building quick and easy!

Faced with reduced budgets, districts across the country are allocating funds historically reserved for textbooks to other priorities. With fewer books, maintaining high-quality curricular content becomes a top priority. We built Crio specifically to align with the 5 R's of Open educational resources (OER) as defined by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of EdTech: retain, reuse, revise, remix, redistribute. And as Crio is provided at no cost, teacher created lessons are easily integrated into digital learning plans, helping districts as they transition away from textbooks and go beyond digital documents.

"In an era of open educational resources, Crio will create a network of great teachers who empower students through the design of interactive learning," said Marlo Gaddis, Interim Chief Technology Officer for Wake County (NC) Public School System. "Crio will allow our teachers to create, curate, and re-imagine learning for their students. We are excited to leverage Curriculum Pathways and Crio to support student learning in our schools."

Curriculum Pathways is provided by analytics company SAS and is used by over 4 million teachers and students. Learn more about Crio and Curriculum Pathways.

Imagine the possibilities with Crio

Consider a first-grade teacher with a small group of young readers who are struggling with comprehension questions. The teacher knows her students well and the topics that ignite their curiosity. She scours the library and online resources for content to capture their interest and foster engaged, focused learning, but comes up empty.

With Crio, the teacher constructs passages about the school building, the playground, the local park, and the high school basketball team. She creates a video of herself reading text aloud to model fluent reading. The software's powerful answer-checking capabilities allow the teacher to craft customized feedback to any question type. Students respond to a series of multiple-choice questions, with audio files for each answer. With customized videos for correct and incorrect responses, the teacher validates or directs students to information that helps them achieve new levels of mastery.

The teacher then assigns the new Crio lesson through the school's learning management system (e.g., Google Classroom), enabling students to access the materials from anywhere, anytime.

And Crio keeps getting better!

Since the we launched Crio in the summer of 2018 we have already added significant improvements -- including full integration of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. The latest addition saw the inclusion of the initial set of graphic organizers. More are on the way!

A 2-column organizer is one of three graphic organizers available in Crio -- with more on the way!

Do you have an idea for Crio; a different question type, a unique graphic organizer, or maybe something completely new? Let us know! Educator feedback has always been a cornerstone of our development process. Who knows, your idea may become part of this amazing free tool!



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Ralph Moore coordinates and conducts professional development for Curriculum Pathways. He works with schools and organizations around the country and has presented at conferences for organizations such as the National Council for the Social Studies and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. A former army officer and social studies teacher, he spent 10 years on the Curriculum Pathways humanities team creating new digital curriculum products.


  1. Do you make digital products for Learnig Disabled kids?

    If you do, or would like to, maybe I can help. I have 3 masters of education degrees, including technology K-12 and distance learning, several years of teaching, and many years of experience with LD kids. More important, I'm severely LD myself and know what things look like from the students' viewpoint. I've written only one curriculum, integrated computers with all subjects Grade 4-8, but my main utility would be to take your curriculum and work out/test for use by LD kids. I also have 2 BAs, three other masters, working on yet another, and am working on a second PhD thesis. I didnt have money to pay tuition for the first - or for the 2nd for that matter. Which is why I'm looking for work.

    • Ralph Moore

      Hi Ravi - Every summer we host the Curriculum Pathways Teacher Institute. These on-site paid summer positions allow us to work closely with classroom teachers, learning directly from their experience as they learn the software development process and other cool stuff. We'll be announcing the application period later in February. I hope you can apply!

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