Now you can add Google files to your Crio lesson!


Crio is barely a month old, and we're already making it better!

Launched in June, Crio enables teachers to create lessons that include audio, text, images, video, and interactive content. This drag-and-drop editor lets teachers transform static, paper-based lesson plans into online resources, and to do so without any programming skills. And it's completely free!

But we've just started to explore all the possibilities Crio offers. We've just added Google docs, sheets, slides, and forms to the elements that you can include in your lesson!

This Google slide deck is embedded in a Crio lesson.

To embed Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides in your lesson, simply find or create the file you want to include in Google Drive and publish it to the web. Then use the Google Drive element in Crio to place that item in the desired location. Click the Embed button in the element bar. Paste the embed code into the field and hit Submit.

Here is a Google Forms test embedded in a Crio lesson.

Want to embed a Google Form? Easy! Find or create the form in Google Drive; then click the Send button. Copy the Embed HTML text from the dialogue box. Choose the Google Forms element in Crio and place the item where you want the form. Then you simply paste the embed code into the element field and hit Submit. Voila! You have a Google Form directly in your lesson!

For more details, check out our Crio FAQ: How do I embed Google files in my lessons?


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