Scaffolding Strategies for Better Comprehensible Input: Using Authentic Materials for ELLs


Authentic materials are not produced for the purpose of language teaching; instead, they are created by native speakers for native speakers (e.g., realia such as menus, literary excerpts, poems, broadcasts, ...). For English Language Learners, teachers need to make sure that the authentic materials and resources (#authres) contain appropriate features that enhance comprehension at the students’ level. To do this, teachers need to pick relevant content and adapt student tasks.

In their ISTE session in Chicago this month, Mimi Stapleton and Staci Lyon will highlight free online resources from Curriculum Pathways and demonstrate strategies for scaffolding authentic content for more comprehensible input and output. Learn how to identify proper content, adapt curricular materials, and support creative outcomes for all proficiency levels. The focus is on ensuring a smoother transition for students.

Are you attending ISTE this year in Chicago? If so, stop by our poster session, Scaffolding Strategies for More Comprehensible Input: Using Authentic Materials with ELLs, on Tuesday, June 26 from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm at Table 35 in the Skyline Ballroom Pre-function area to learn more.

We'll do the following:

  • Highlight free authentic resources for all disciplines and levels.
  • Demo online resources and authentic materials that can be used with all ELLs.
  • Discuss instructional steps for scaffolding real-world realia.


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Mimi Stapleton

Curriculum Development Specialist

Mimi Stapleton is a curriculum development specialist with Curriculum Pathways. She creates standards-based content for Spanish language learners and ESL, drawing on her experiences in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Virginia Tech and her teaching assignments at both the secondary and university levels. Mimi also facilitates online professional development courses that prepare educators to integrate digital content into instruction. She is an ACTFL/CAEP program reviewer and EdCamper. You can connect with her on Twitter @MimiStapleton.

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