Teacher Institute Q&A: Jessica Peacock


What new skills did you acquire at the institute?

It exposed me to resources that help students build both content knowledge and computer-literacy skills. My classroom is a 21st century space in which students are always learning and preparing for the future. Having spent time with the math curriculum this summer, I was able to plan fun activities without the pressure of formal lesson planning.

What skills did your acquire during your summer with Curriculum Pathways?

Group work! I was not a huge fan of collaboration and group work (having just graduated from college where everything is a competition), but sharing a workspace helped me appreciate having on-the-spot feedback.

How did your experience at the institute match your expectations?

I expected everything to be super serious and quiet like the stereotype of corporate America, but instead I found a lively and productive environment with a lot of laughs.

How did you feel on your first day? Your last?

The first day was awkward because my colleagues and I didn’t know each other. The last day was awkward because no one wanted to leave! 

Why should someone apply to the Teacher Institute?

To contribute to the future of educational technology.

Sum up the Teacher Institute in one word.


Want to join the 2019 Curriculum Pathways Teacher Institute? Applications are now open! 

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