Bugg Report: Coding in Spanish Language Learning during CSEdWeek


This week we are immersing computer science across the elementary curriculum at Bugg Elementary in Raleigh, NC. Each day we will be teaching new and existing lesson ideas that engage students in their regular classroom content areas with a coding twist. Students will use CodeSnaps to explore their mastery of content in fun, engaging lesson ideas. We will culminate each day in a Bugg Report to capture the day's lessons and share some of our #HourOfCode / Computer Science Education Week adventures. So follow along!

Day 2: Spanish Language Learning

Today we combined 3 languages: English, Spanish, and coding. Students built Spanish vocabulary regarding seasons and weather and demonstrated mastery through a coding activity. The lesson began by introducing students to the vocabulary through the Las estaciones video from our Spanish Video Library.


As a whole class, students worked through the questions found in this Curriculum Pathways lesson that accompanies the Las estaciones video. This activity gave students the opportunity to practice the vocabulary aloud and receive feedback. The instructor used examples from the video and the worksheet to introduce the physical representation of the seasons the students would navigate the robot through.

Students are introduced to Spanish vocabulary in the Las estaciones video.

Next students were introduced to the coding activity. They worked in teams of 3-4 students using tangible, Spanish coding blocks to assemble programs to navigate Sphero through the 4 seasons (see the image and video below). The students “taught” Sphero the Spanish vocabulary for each season by reciting the vocabulary as Sphero passed through each corresponding season. Students were exposed to Spanish vocabulary for the seasons, navigation (moving forward, turning), and colors. The students were thoroughly engaged. One student quipped, "Coding in Spanish was a lot of fun, and teaching Sphero!"

Las estaciones program to navigate Sphero through the seasons.


We recently added Spanish CodeSnaps blocks, and translated our ever-popular Navigating an Obstacle Course lesson to Spanish (Navegación de una Pista de Obstáculos). Be sure to check them out with your students!

For other ideas integrating coding across the curriculum, check out this post and our other Bugg Reports.


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