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More than five years ago, the Curriculum Pathways team released a comprehensive and FREE online Algebra 1 course. It includes 46 engaging lessons that use videos and real-world examples, along with interactive elements to develop students’ problem-solving, reasoning, and critical-thinking skills.

Since the course's release, some states and districts have chosen not to teach traditional Algebra 1, replacing it with courses such as Math 1 or Integrated Math 1, which may incorporate additional geometry and statistics standards.

Does that mean Math 1 teachers can no longer use the Algebra 1 course? Of course not! Just follow these three steps.

Review the Algebra 1 Course

Most of your Math 1 course will likely be covered by materials in Algebra 1. Use entire lessons or individual components to differentiate instruction, support struggling students, or initiate whole-class discussions. Let’s start by reviewing the course units.

The table of contents lists the unit and lesson titles. Do your students need to graph linear equations? Check out Unit 3: Linear Equations and Systems of Linear Equations. Review the lessons and select the Introduction. Each provides detailed lesson objectives and supplemental resources.

After finding the appropriate lesson, use the Share button to embed it or email it to your students. You can share resources on Facebook, Twitter, in Google Classroom, on Pinterest, or by email. You can also embed a link to the resources on your own web site.

The course guide provides more insight into integration strategies.

Search by Concept

Need to teach geometric transformations in your Math 1 course? Type transformations into the search field on the home page of Curriculum Pathways and review the many resources that address this topic.

The results list includes the Exploring Transformations tool, which allows students to investigate and explore translations, reflections, rotations, and dilations on the coordinate plane.

Search by Standard

Curriculum Pathways resources are aligned to all state standards, as well as Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. And we allow you to search by standard! Simply go to our Standards page, select your state/country and discipline, and then navigate the standards to find supporting resources.

And that's the solution! Curriculum Pathways has what you need to integrate standards-aligned resources in your Math 1 course.

We have 500+ resources -- including Data Depot, a repository of more than 175 data sets? Check out what you may have been missing!


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Staci Lyon

Staci Lyon is a mathematics curriculum specialist with Curriculum Pathways. She taught high school mathematics for 12 years in Wake County and Granville County. She also taught with North Carolina Virtual Public School. She received both a M.Ed. degree in Instructional Technology and a B. S. degree in Mathematics Education from North Carolina State University. Working alongside a team, she enjoys developing the award winning online math resources for Curriculum Pathways that allow teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

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