Writing Reviser Add-on + Animated Bulldog = Improved Student Essays


Working to reinforce the virtues extolled in our Writing Reviser, we’ve prepared a series of English language arts videos starring a lovable pit-bull named Muggs—aptly named after a dog owned by the famous American writer James Thurber.  The synergy between the two tools has helped many students learn to write more forcefully, avoid common stylistic pitfalls, and recognize opportunities for expressive writing.

Muggs now has six videos that give students immediately useful information on how to write with power. We focus on topics that students learn best by seeing the principles we describe--not simply reading about them as in most books on writing style. Expressed in unforgettable animations, these ideas make an instant impression on students.

  1. Make sentences more forceful by choosing strong verbs.
  2. Enhance clarity with concrete terms.
  3. Improve precision: cut needless prepositional phrases.
  4. Control sentence structureto invigorate your work.
  5. Say what you mean: link related words.
  6. Stop the confusion: no more misused expressions.

With Writing Reviser and Muggs, your students can laugh while they learn. So unleash your students! Give them the Pit-bull Guide to Powerful Prose. You'll be glad you did.

Add Writing Reviser to your Google Docs today for free. Learn more about Writing Reviser—and our complete suite of writing tools from Curriculum Pathways—at WritingNavigator.com



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Tim McBride

Supervisor, Educational Multimedia Writing

Tim McBride has degrees from Rochester Institute of Technology and NC State University, where he taught English for several years. His first book of poetry, The Manageable Cold, was published recently by TriQuarterly Press at Northwestern University. He works as a writer and an editor on Curriculum Pathways. He lives in Cary, NC, with an American pit bull terrier named Charlie McCarthy and a Catahoula hog dog named Junk.


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