Track Big-Picture Stats with the Writing Reviser Google Doc Add-on


Open the Statistics feature in the free Writing Reviser Google Doc Add-on, and you’ll see an elaborate but easy-to-read analysis of your entire essay.

It’s the writerly equivalent of a blood test report, except that instead of listing your cholesterol level and lipid profile, we diagnose statistics crucial to the revision process. And we don’t jab your arm with a needle or make you wait two days for the results.

Students can track everything from basic details like total words and number of sentences to potential problem areas like passive and weak verbs, clichés and jargon, and mind-numbing strings of prepositional phrases.

Equally important, the feature updates instantly as students revise, so they can compare their original essay to their revision and monitor their progress. Rather than working blindly, students can take pride as they watch the number of run-on sentences shrivel from a toxic 4 to a robustly healthy 0. Teachers can also use these stats to discuss more nuanced stylistic issues like average sentence length and awkward word repetition.

The Statistics feature is just one of the many ways in which Writing Reviser helps students begin to think like experienced writers.

Add the Writing Reviser to your Google Docs today for free. Learn more about the Writing Reviser—and our complete suite of writing tools from Curriculum Pathways—at

All Writing Navigator tools are also available on the Curriculum Pathways website and as a free iPad app!




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