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As in years past, the South by Southwest Edu annual conference truly values the opinions of the community. To this end, the conference uses Panel Picker to gather input on what sessions should make it into the final program. The SXSWEdu mission is to drive innovation in everything related to teaching and learning, which you will see is reflected in the many program submissions. We at Curriculum Pathways have been very busy this year, we're excited for the opportunity to share our own innovations with the SXSWEdu community. But in order to do that, we need your votes and social media shares!

Among the 1,400+ submissions to SXSWEdu Panel Picker this year, we submitted a few proposals that we encourage you to check out--and vote for! Anyone can vote; it takes only a minute to log in and "vote up" our sesions. Here are our proposals. Thank you for your vote and for sharing this with your friends and colleagues!

  • Hands On Computer Science on a Budget: Programming is one of today’s most sought after skills & consequently a beneficial skill to introduce to students of any age. However, getting started in this relatively new discipline can be daunting. There are also many misconceptions that K12 computer science (CS) requires a large budget, a classroom of iPads, & a tech-savvy teacher. This session dispels those myths as participants experience collaborative coding & discuss strategies for teaching the fundamentals of coding across the curriculum.
  • Practical Ideas for Coding Across the Curriculum: There is great interest in developing innovative methods for introducing students to computer science & computational thinking. CS is relevant to all fields; a characteristic that should be reflected in our instruction. This session will introduce participants to free, cross-curricular strategies for integrating coding into elementary instruction. Participants will move through stations highlighting coding lessons that use free tools for ELA, math, science, social studies, and foreign language.
  • Coding in Space: CS to Support Spatial Reasoning: Spatial reasoning skills are highly predictive of STEM achievement and self-efficacy. In this session we present a new approach to CS education that brings coding to the physical world through 3-dimensional problem solving and a tangible coding interface. Together these features offer opportunities for developing spatial reasoning while using existing skills in support of CS learning. This approach meets students where they are; thinking, engaging and interacting with the physical world.

SXSWEdu offers some of the most leading edge ideas for learning. We’ve been inspired and have left Austin each year with renewed vigor for providing innovative educational products and finding new ways to engage students in their learning. We are hopeful we’ll earn a voice to present at this year’s conference. Thanks for taking the time to read, vote, and share!


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Lucy Kosturko is a curriculum development specialist and research scientist with Curriculum Pathways. She primarily develops and evaluates content for the team’s suite of mobile applications. She joined the team in 2013 after earning a PhD in educational psychology from North Carolina State University. During her graduate work, she specialized in self-regulated learning, reading comprehension, and educational technology. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their dogs, Pig and Job.

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