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We always say "in-service teachers are our number-one source for new features and vital to our development process." For these reasons, we are excited to host a cohort of educators this summer at SAS headquarters in Cary, NC. The Teacher Institute cohort will work closely with our team for 8 weeks to critically evaluate our current resources, consult on new features, and iterate on their own ideas for the next big edtech resource. New this year we are reserving some spots for educators with a passion for early and emergent reading (Pre-K through 3rd grade).

Why Should You Apply?

Here are the top five reasons to apply:

  1. To get paid for doing what you love--designing, developing, and evaluating edtech resources!
  2. To collaborate and network with other teaching professionals in the greater Raleigh-Durham area.
  3. To expand your working knowledge of our over 1,600 FREE resources.
  4. To develop or refine your software engineering skills.
  5. To get hands-on experience with the latest edtech gadgets--robots, 3D printers, iBeacons, tablets, and more.

But, most of all, to work with great people at a great company.

Hurry! The deadline for applications is March 26th, 2017, at 11:59 pm EST February 26th, 2017, at 11:59 pm EST. Start your application here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be in Cary to participate in the Teacher Institute?

Yes. All participants are expected to work on SAS campus in Cary, NC, for the 8-week institute. Participants are welcome to commute, but travel expenses will not be paid by SAS.

What will a day in the life of a Summer Teacher Institute participant look like?

We hope no two days will look alike. From resdesigning and updating current resources to consulting on new features and products, participants will be busy putting their classroom experiences and expertise to work with our team. Be sure to check out some of the work of last year’s cohort.

My school doesn't let out until late June (or starts back early August), can I still participate?

No problem. The Teacher Institute schedule has a built-in flex week. The institute will run for 9 weeks (June 12 - August 11), but participants are only expected to work 8 of those weeks.

I have a beach week planned, can I still go on vacation?

Of course! The Teacher Institute schedule has a built-in flex week. The institute will run for 9 weeks (June 12 - August 11), but participants are only expected to work 8 of those weeks.

I submitted my application, now what?

Stay tuned! We expect to have applications reviewed by the middle of March. We will be in touch soon via email.

I have a question about my application, can I contact you?

Absolutely. Send us an email: CurriculumPathways@sas.com.

Please use the comment section or email us with additional questions.

Read posts from our 2016 #SASTeacherTeam regarding their participation in the 2016 Curriculum Pathways Teacher Institute.

2017 Curriculum Pathways Teacher Institute Application: https://goo.gl/forms/fK67Jpy4bpyp9Hve2



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  1. I am a teacher assistant at Green Hope High School in the Special Education Department. Could I apply for a position here?

  2. I am a student teacher at Centennial Magnet Middle School, I will be a teacher soon! could I apply for this position?

  3. Hola,
    I am a Spanish instructor with limited technology skills, can I apply? Is there any training I can take? I work at Broughton High in Center Raleigh, I would love to explore and learn how to teach Spanish using digital resources!

  4. Kallie McNamara on

    Hello! Has the application been posted yet? I have been monitoring Twitter closely but have not seen the announcement yet. If not, approximately when should we check back? Thank you!

  5. Kallie McNamara on

    Hi! I don't mean to be a bother by asking again, but is the summer institute still going to be offered for summer 2018? I'm keeping my schedule open particularly for this if it will be. Thank you!

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