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"Apps are the future of television,” Apple boldly proclaimed with the recent launch of the next-generation Apple TV*. Among other new features, Apple TV now includes access to the App Store, allowing users to personalize their entertainment experience without having to buy a new television. Just plug the device into the back of your TV and start streaming, playing, and, best of all, learning!

So while you're unwrapping your new Apple TV this holiday season, the Curriculum Pathways Spanish Video Library will be waiting for you in the App Store. It's the perfect companion to those who want to learn a second language in the new year!

Hero-minThe Spanish Video Library app for Apple TV offers the same visually dynamic videos found in Curriculum Pathways and on the Curriculum Pathways YouTube channel. The videos build mastery by introducing and reinforcing vocabulary in the target language, providing content for beginning-level Spanish learners, and presenting vocabulary words and phrases used in context and spoken by native speakers. You’ll now also get video catalog capability, fully featured interactive vocabulary reviews, and video transcripts.


Each video centers on an inquiry question such as ¿Qué tiempo hace? ¿Qué día es hoy? or ¿Quiénes son?


A vocabulary list allows the learner to hear the word pronounced on its own and used in a sample sentence. Spanish and English pronunciation practice are available.

vocab-minThe transcript offers the full conversation from the video. Learners can read for understanding or foster reading skills by skimming for main ideas and scanning to locate specific information.

transcript-minWe hope you enjoy the videos presented in our first Apple TV app:

  • Las estaciones
  • Los días de la semana
  • Los meses del año
  • La casa
  • La escuela
  • La gente
  • La familia

*Apple TV is an HDMI device that hooks up to your TV, creating an experience that will make you think you're playing with an over-sized iPad. In the classroom, teachers can use it on a television or a projector to demonstrate apps or display teacher and student work.


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Mimi Stapleton is a Product Manger for Social Innovation and Brand at SAS Institute. She also worked as a curriculum development specialist with Curriculum Pathways creating standards-based content and facilitating online professional development. She is an ACTFL/CAEP program reviewer and EdCamper. You can connect with her on Twitter @MimiStapleton.

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