Sustaining Student Momentum over the Summer


Students on a traditional calendar usually finish the school year on a high note, brimming with knowledge, skills, and confidence. Summer is certainly a time to recharge, doing things with family and friends. Childhood and adolescence are supposed to be fun, and that is what summer vacation is for.

So... how can parents sustain a student's momentum and still honor the promise of summer? Easy! Simply sprinkle in some content and skills review on the rainy days.

From math and reading apps that support early learners, to virtual labs in biology and chemistry, SAS Curriculum Pathways includes numerous resources that support instructional enrichment across grade levels and subject areas.

Resources like this example from the Spanish Video Series can be a great way to build and retain learning:


Here are some specific suggestions, by subject and level.

Reading and English Language Arts

Read Aloud (ES/MS)
Teach and guide early readers with this free iPad app, which provides access to numerous books with three reading modes: Read to Me, Help Me Read, and Read by Myself.

Punctuation Rules! (ES/MS)
Students identify the most common punctuation marks and their uses and demonstrate an understanding of the basic rules of punctuation.

Audio Tutorials (MS/HS)
Building Sentences
Strong Verbs

SAS Math Stretch app

SAS Math Stretch app


SAS Flash Cards (ES/MS/HS)
Create, learn, and share flash cards with this innovative tool. You can download and play decks in any subject, create new decks in a variety of question formats, and share your decks with others (for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch).

SAS Math Stretch (ES/MS)

This free app provides a suite of activities to develop elementary math skills and number sense – and now includes fractions and decimals!

Audio Tutorials (MS/HS)
Pythagorean Theorem
Basic Probability

Social Studies

Interactive Atlas (ES/MS/HS)
Students can view maps of the world, generate customized maps, and use draw tools to add information.

Historical Narrative Series (MS/HS)
These engaging resources provide full instruction related to historical topics. Here are two examples.
FDR and the New Deal
Columbus and the New World

Audio Tutorials (MS/HS)
Islam: The Five Pillars
The Amazon Rainforest

VLab: Free Fall

VLab: Free Fall


Virtual Labs (MS/HS)
Vlabs such as those listed below allow students to view processes and manipulate components, alter variables to see their roles in processes, or alter reality to discover cause-and-effect relationships.
VLab: Cell Division
VLab: Free Fall

Audio Tutorial Examples (MS/HS)
Energy Flow in Ecosystems
The Immune System


Spanish Video Series (ES/MS/HS)
Designed to build mastery of the language, each video introduces and reinforces Spanish vocabulary and phrases for topics such as seasons, family, and school. (See example above.)

Spanish Writing Tablet (MS/HS)
Students enhance their writing skills with this interactive tool, which includes templates for letters and conversations.

Spanish Interactive Atlas (MS/HS)
Students can use the atlas as an online reference tool or to create individualized maps illustrating demographic or cultural themes.

Audio Tutorials (MS/HS)
Greetings and Farewells
Using the Past Tenses

Looking for more? Education writer Larry Ferlazzo recently highlighted numerous summer resources in his New York Times blog—including SAS Curriculum Pathways!


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