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Math can be difficult for students. But learning how to use numbers in flexible ways can be the key building block to understanding. SAS Math Stretch, available for free in the App Store, designed to develop elementary math skills and number sense includes activities focused on counting, number relations and operations, and setting the time on a clock. Students can even identify the numbers of pi!
Here are the basics.

The owl speaks! That’s right, each activity includes audio instructions to support struggling readers. Additionally, many of the activities have a drag and drop interface for easy interaction.

Students have access to an unlimited number of questions to work through in each activity. With settings students can work with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and even negative numbers to increase the difficulty and progress through the number system.

Here's a complete list of the activities available in SAS Math Stretch. Ready for you, free, right now!

Place Picker – Build numbers by placing the correct value in each position.
Ordering Numbers – Arrange numbers in order from lowest to highest.
Largest or Smallest – Find the largest or smallest number among a collection.
Skip Counter – Complete number patterns of varying difficulty.
Number Bonds – Complete the number bond from a selection of numbers.
Number Comparison – Compare numbers (both whole numbers and fractions).
Even/Odd – Sort numbers into evens and odds.
Number Line – Add and subtract using a number line.
Find the Time – Manipulate the clock to display the correct time.
Time Conversion –Convert time measurements to hours, minutes, and seconds.
Pi – Practice building pi and see how many places you can memorize.
Hundred Chart –Identify missing numbers in a chart containing numbers from 1 to 100.
Base Ten Blocks – Count, add, and subtract using number blocks, a virtual math manipulative.
Ten Grid – Count in groups of 10.
Math Grid – Add and subtract using number grids.
Daily Numbers – View three new numbers every day. Practice writing the word form and take a photo of the number in action.

What would you like to see in the next version of SAS Math Stretch? We're starting the planning process for the next release—let us know!



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