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compSciEdWeekWhat: Every year we celebrate Computer Science Education week to emphasize that, in our information economy, students need  a strong set of coding and computer science skills. The Hour of Code  is the most popular way to take part, and we hope you'll join us! Over 48 million students have participated. The #HourOfCode is a great introduction for students of all ages!


Who: Everyone is invited to participate, and we encourage all teachers regardless of subject or grade (you’re never too young!) to teach coding this week. Computer science has relevance to all fields, and showing students those interconnections is a great idea. (More on this next week!)

When: December 8-14 is Computer Science Education Week (#csedweek), and you can do the #hourofcode anytime that week.

Why: Learning how a computer works and understanding how to solve problems with computers are foundational skills for kids, like learning biology or any other core subject. The increasing importance of technology means that tomorrow’s leaders will need a strong understanding of (and proficiency in) computer science and programming, no matter what their field of study. (Expect more on this next week too!)

How: The Hour of Code is the easiest way to join the computer science fun. Stay tuned for a big post later in the week with our favorite teaching resources, including leveled modules for different ages. Look for tweets and blog posts on the topic; follow #csedweek #hourofcode #kidscancode.

We'll be monitoring a few Twitter Chats too. (Hope to see you there!)

  • #kidscancode Tuesday 8pm ET hosted by @Kodable
  • #CSEDWEEK Thursday 6pm ET hosted by @NCWIT
  • #csedweek14 Wednesday 7pm hosted by the CS10K Community

Let us (and everyone) know: Share and commit to the Hour of Code to join in on the #CSEdweek fun. The Hour of Code is also the “largest learning event in history” (according to Comment here, or share this post with your colleagues. If you’re a parent, ask your school to take part. If you have never tried code before, now is the time to give it a shot!


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