FAQ: What is the role of a school level coordinator?


The school level coordinator, a voluntary role, has four responsibilities.

  • Serve as the school’s primary contact with Curriculum Pathways.
  • Monitor registrations at a school and help teachers create new accounts.
  • Ensure that school computers and devices meet our system requirements.
  • Promote the integration of resources.

The coordinator has access to resources as well as administrative privileges. To keep answer keys from students, coordinators should enable answer key access for teachers at their school.

Coordinators are notified by email when a teacher connects an account with a school. To enable answer keys for a account, the coordinator accesses Settings > Answer Keys and marks the appropriate check box. Once a coordinator enables access, teachers may view answer keys within resource Lesson Guides.

To volunteer to become a coordinator for your school, click on your Settings from the Curriculum Pathways homepage, and use the School Info tab to ensure that your account is connected to a school. Then you can use the Coordinator tab to request that designation.



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