FAQ: How do students turn in their work? What is the Portfolio?


The Portfolio provides an organized space to save, manage, and send your work. Once logged into Curriculum Pathways, users with individual student/teacher/parent accounts can access their Portfolio from the home page.

Types of saved work

Because our 1,700+ resources are diverse, the Portfolio stores two types of saved work: reloadable and view-only. Reloadable work saves your work automatically within the resource and can be relaunched at any time. Resources that support reloadable work include the Portfolio icon in the header bar.

For resources that cannot be relaunched, view-only work is stored in the Portfolio after it is explicitly exported (i.e., saved as a PDF). Exported work will automatically be added to your Portfolio. The Portfolio icon will NOT appear in the header bar for these resources. Instead, users will be prompted to save, print, or email their work at the end of the lesson. At this time, the work will be exported and automatically saved to the Portfolio. For additional details, click here.

Navigating the Portfolio

For all entries, users can view their work (i.e., view a read-only PDF or HTML page) using the View icon. For reloadable resources, users can click the entry Name and continue working where they left off. Additional actions are available via the More dots, including moving work to the Archive.

Use the Send option in the More dots to share work with others. Work can be shared via email, a link, or directly to Google Classroom.

At this time, work generated in Reading Records, Flash Cards, and iOS-only apps is not saved to the Portfolio.

Have more questions about Curriculum Pathways? Check out our other FAQs or contact us directly!

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    • Ralph Moore

      Numerous Curriculum Pathways resources save student work as a PDF file to Portfolio either automatically, or when the user chooses Save. However, users cannot save other files, such as Word Docs or their own PDFs, to Portfolio.

      If you have created in, or added your essay to, any of the tools in the Writing Navigator (Planner, Drafter, Reviser and/or Publisher) it was auto-saved almost immediately. You can access it again by choosing Load Essay after you have launched one of the Writing Navigator Tools.

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