Supporting Middle Grades Data and Statistics Inquiry


The Common Core State Standards have certainly heightened the focus on statistics in math classes. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the middle grades, where the emphasis on data has not simply increased, but increased dramatically.

Middle grades teachers looking for resources to help their students become statistically literate–and meet Common Core State Standards–will find a wealth of resources in Curriculum Pathways. Here are just a few examples of lessons and interactive tools that provide data-analysis instruction and increase student understanding of statistics.

Data Depot

Data Depot contains exactly the accurate, clearly formatted data that teachers need for classroom use.

Data Depot contains numerous data sources for analysis. Students can analyze and interpret data, examine and describe trends, and use data and graphs to estimate values and draw conclusions. Data Depot houses a growing repository of over 25 individual data sources, each configured in multiple formats including Excel and comma-separated values. Also, many of the data sets are accompanied by a corresponding lesson. Using these lessons, students can analyze high school graduation data, investigate the color distribution of M&M'S, and use rate of change to evaluate historical population data.

Another resource to address the standards, the Basic Probability Audio Tutorial, visually introduces students to the question, What is probability? This five-minute instructional video examines how to determine the probability of an event and includes a brief online quiz.

Curriculum Pathways has over 20 additional statistics and data-related resources.

And check out these links to learn more about teaching statistics in the middle school classroom.

Statistics Education Web (STEW)

Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE) Report



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Staci Lyon is a mathematics curriculum specialist with Curriculum Pathways. She taught high school mathematics for 12 years in Wake County and Granville County. She also taught with North Carolina Virtual Public School. She received both a M.Ed. degree in Instructional Technology and a B. S. degree in Mathematics Education from North Carolina State University. Working alongside a team, she enjoys developing the award winning online math resources for Curriculum Pathways that allow teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

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