Back to School: Goodies for Your iPad

Writing Planner, Writing Drafter, and Writing Reviser on iPads

Writing Drafter and Writing Reviser

It's the new school year and you are handed a shiny new iPad. What do you start putting on it? SAS Curriculum Pathways of course!

We have been working to bring you more mobile options, both new and old. We've begun to update our award-winning resources, and we've created no-cost apps across many disciplines and levels.

We thought we would highlight a few to get you started.

SAS Flash Cards


SAS Flash Cards

SAS Flash Cards QL #8000

Create, learn, and share flash cards. Download and play decks in any subject, create new decks in a variety of question formats, and share your decks with others.  Flash Cards will work on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Decks have been created on virtually every subject from sight words and animal identification to nursing terminology and diagrams of atoms. This is a great one for students of any age!

SAS Math Stretch

SAS Math Stretch

SAS Math Stretch QL #8004

SAS Math Stretch provides a suite of activities to develop elementary math skills and number sense. These activities are great for early math learners in K-3. Teachers in K-5 tell us they love using them as warm-up exercises.

  • Exercises target counting, number relations and operations, and telling and manipulating time.
  • Settings allow students, parents, and teachers to control the level of difficulty for each activity.
  • Practice sessions and completed quizzes can be shared with parents and teachers.

We also are updating some of our favorites to work on your iPad. You love the Writing Reviser, and so do we! We decided to take it a little bit deeper while also making it HTML5 friendly. Introducing...

Writing Navigator Series

SAS Curriculum Pathways Writing Navigator Suite

SAS Curriculum Pathways Writing Navigator Suite

We've been busy building a whole suite of writing tools—Writing Navigator—which includes Writing PlannerWriting Drafter, and Writing Reviser. Not only will Writing Navigator help your students write better, it even has a place for them to stow away their reference notes throughout the writing process.

Stay tuned for our series next week, in which we'll talk with the team that created these amazing new tools and all the nerdy goodness that went into making them.

Want more?

Be sure to keep an eye on our mobile page and IdeaLab for new resources fresh from the factory!

We've added a helpful search filter for finding mobile friendly resources. As you begin your search at, use the No Plug-in Needed filter to zero in on those mobile ready resources. There are over 600 resources ready for your mobile device!


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