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Celebrating statisticians: Gertrude Cox

This month, we celebrate Gertrude Mary Cox, one of the pioneers of academic statistics departments in the United States and one of the first female statisticians. She has been dubbed the "First Lady of Statistics." Her efforts were fundamental to the development of the vibrant statistics community in the Research

Learn to combine JMP, SAS and R analytics

What’s the most time-consuming part of any analytics process? Frequently, it’s collecting the data from an array of sources before analysis can begin. In today’s multiparadigm world, that can mean using many programs such as SAS, Excel and R. JMP can help. It “plays well with others,” so you can

SAS Global Forum 2012: Wearing different hats

In the 16 years I have been at SAS, I have been fortunate to wear many hats: technical pre-sales, product management, product marketing and even doing a five-month assignment at a large bank in the UK. When you think about what it takes to make discoveries from data and create

Customizing and extending analytics with add-ins

Wayne Levin is part of a group of engineers, statisticians and programmers who are passionate about expanding the use of statistical methods to improve productivity, quality and yields. That group is Predictum, and Wayne is president. How exactly does Predictum help companies improve productivity, quality and yields? "We do this

Speeding up exploration with John Sall

Well, Wall Street cares so much about making fast decisions that it is laying dedicated high-speed lines so that the data for program trades can be processed faster and orders executed more quickly. If Wall Street can do all this in milliseconds, won’t it make a difference to you to

What’s ‘hot’ in research? Genetics

What’s the hottest area of scientific research today? Thomson Reuters Science Watch says it’s genetics. In an article titled “The Softer Side of Genomics,” Drug Discovery & Development magazine describes how today’s data management and computational tools let researchers dig deeper into genes. The article describes JMP Genomics, emphasizing its

JMP Genomics release features new analytic tools

JMP Genomics 5.1 has been released! Although it feels like we’ve been working on this release for a long time, it was only last November when JMP Genomics 5.0 went out the door. What have we been up to during that time? Quite a lot! One big change for our

Draw your models with a new SAS application for JMP

SAS® Structural Equation Modeling for JMP® is a new application that enables researchers to use SAS and JMP to draw models by using an interface that is built on the SAS/STAT® CALIS procedure. To create models in SAS Structural Equation Modeling for JMP, you simply drag variables into the diagram

Watch on demand: Analytic Center of Excellence webcast

If you missed my live SAS TALKS webinar on June 23 titled Consider an Analytic Center of Excellence (and Other Ways to Create More Analytic Bandwidth), you can now watch it on demand. In addition, the slides I presented are now available to any who are interested in Analytic Centers

Strategic use of analytics to support enterprise goals

JMP wasn’t around when Anne Milley was taking quantitative analytics courses in college. “Back then, it was all programming,” explained Milley, an economics major. “The visuals were just hideous.” Today, as senior director of analytic strategy in JMP Product Marketing at SAS, Milley appreciates the value that robust and interactive

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