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Local data filter comes to Graph Builder for iPad

JMP 11 will be released on Sept. 10, and with that we will be launching a new version of Graph Builder for the iPad. The highlight of this release is the addition of the local data filter. The local data filter was introduced in JMP 10, and since then it

Exploring a baseball win streak with JMP 11

Recently, I was talking baseball with my father, who lives in Georgia. Our conversation turned to the recent exploits of my dad's local team, the Atlanta Braves, who had just run off an unexpected 14 straight wins in a row. The streak caught the attention of sports writers at around

Jump-start your work with revamped JMP documentation

On an ever-widening quest to make things easier for users, JMP has reorganized its library of documentation and offers many new options for JMP 11. Shorter books The JMP documentation library has grown over the years with the advent of new platforms and increasingly robust options. Some books reached their

Six little things I like in JMP 11

JMP 11 and JMP Pro, Version 11, are full of lots of big new features, like: The Response Screening platform that gives you confidence to examine hundreds or thousands of responses at once. An Excel import Wizard that turns complex Excel tables into data ready to be analyzed in JMP.

Improved publishing and import in JMP 11

My team develops the portions of JMP that connect it to the operating system. This can be Windows, Mac, iPad or even cross-platform targets like a Web browser. Importing data into JMP is also included in our responsibilities. In JMP 11, we hope you’ll be impressed with the new ways

JMP 11 statistics sneak peek

JMP 11 is a big step forward on many fronts, but especially for JMP Pro. From the time it was introduced in JMP 9, JMP Pro has been predominantly focused on predictive modeling, with more sophisticated procedures for fitting neural networks and boosting and bootstrapping regression tree models. JMP Pro

New design of experiments capabilities in JMP 11

As in many areas of JMP, there are too many new features supporting experiment planning to cover in a single blog post. So, I will just introduce the top few. When JMP 11 begins shipping in September, I plan to post about more new features and with more detail. What

JMP 11 graph puzzler

JMP 11 has many data visualization updates, and a few of them are featured in the following graph of solar array data. Can you identify the new features? Before giving the answers, I’ll mention a few other prominent JMP 11 features, some of which we’ll blog more about when JMP

Get ready for JMP 11

The JMP Development group is looking forward to the September releases of JMP and JMP Pro when customers will have access to new platforms and features added in response to their requests. We send very special thanks to the customers who participated in our beta testing program. JMP developers and