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Support Files for Tuning Graphs Presentation

My Tuning Graphs talk at the JMP User Conference was mostly a live demo of various ways to customize JMP graphs, so there weren't any slides to put on the USB thumb drive of conference proceedings. However, my sample files are now available in the new JMP Extras download area,

Color or Mark by Column

One of those handy, little-known features of JMP that's been around for a while is the "Color or Mark by Column" command in the Rows menu. You pick a column from your data table, and JMP will apply colors or markers to each row based on the row's value for

Custom Row State Colors

Though JMP 6 and earlier support full RGB color in most graphics, row state colors used for data marks have been limited to the colors in JMP's general-purpose 65-color palette. With JMP 7, that limitation has been lifted. How do you set row states to colors that are not in

SAS Global Forum Opening Session

You'd think that in 18 years of employment at SAS I'd have been to SAS Global Forum (nee SUGI) more than twice, but you'd be wrong. I'm a second-timer this year. My first SUGI was also in Orlando at the Dolphin, so as far as I'm concerned, this is the

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