Richard Zink
Principal Research Statistician Developer

Richard C. Zink is Principal Research Statistician Developer in the JMP Life Sciences division at SAS Institute. He joined SAS in 2011 after eight years in the pharmaceutical industry, where he designed and analyzed clinical trials in multiple therapeutic areas and participated in US and European drug submissions and FDA advisory committee hearings. Richard is the Statistics Section Editor for Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science (formerly Drug Information Journal), and holds a Ph.D. in Biostatistics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Follow him at @rczink.

Using JSL to select the first or last record in a set

When considering my professional life, I'm a relative newcomer to JMP. In fact, my JMP and JSL (JMP Scripting Language) experience began the day I became a developer here in the JMP Life Sciences group, about four years ago. In contrast, I've been using SAS since I was an undergraduate student

Happy little trees: An updated Forest Plot Add-In

Recently, I experienced an event that brought me back to my childhood. I was having dinner at my brother's house with my sons. The television was on, and at some point Bob Ross' show "The Joy of Painting" came on the air.  If you've never experienced the show, it is

Identifying re-enrolled subjects in clinical trials, the sequel

This past June, at the Drug Information Association (DIA) annual meeting, I had the opportunity to present and participate in a panel discussion on innovative approaches to ensure quality and compliance in clinical trials. Not surprisingly, a majority of the discussion focused on sponsor responsibilities for building quality into its

Coming in July: Book on centralized monitoring of clinical trials

In the spirit of shameless self-promotion full disclosure with the goal of collecting huge royalty checks promoting the efficient review of clinical trials, I’d like to make everyone aware of the forthcoming SAS Press title Risk-Based Monitoring and Fraud Detection in Clinical Trials Using JMP and SAS. Clinical trials are

Summarizing patient safety with standardized MedDRA queries (SMQs)

If you work or have worked within the pharmaceutical industry, then you are likely familiar with MedDRA, the Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities. This dictionary makes it possible for drug and device companies to perform analyses of adverse events or medical history. First, MedDRA provides a way to consistently map

Dinosaurs, chaos and statistics (oh, my!)

“They believed that prediction was just a function of keeping track of things. If you knew enough, you could predict anything. That's been cherished scientific belief since Newton.” “And?” “Chaos theory throws it right out the window.” - Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park I’ve been thinking a lot about chaos lately.

7 things to love about JMP Clinical 5.0

New versions of JMP Clinical and Genomics are available starting today, so I wanted to take the opportunity to give a brief overview of some of the new features you’ll come to enjoy with the new release of JMP Clinical 5.0. Below are seven things to love! 1. Risk-Based Monitoring

Using JMP to respond to workshop submissions en masse

Greetings, everyone. Sorry for the extra-long blogging hiatus. I have recently been wandering the desert in a self-imposed social media exile (well, mostly) due to some other writing responsibilities. If you’ve been upset over the lack of posts on JMP Clinical or statistics, let me just say that my absence

The dead walk! Visualizing a zombie apocalypse

Halloween is here. It’s a time when the weather gets colder and the leaves fall from the trees. A time when kids dress up in fun costumes and go trick-or-treating. A time when we start thinking about how to spend the holidays with our family and friends. And if you’re like me,

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