Melinda Thielbar
Research Statistician Developer

Melinda Thielbar joined the JMP team as a Research Statistician Developer in 2013. Specializing in consumer research data, she previously worked in fields including power systems optimization, fraud detection and training evaluation. Melinda holds a PhD in statistics and a master’s in economics.

Potato chip smackdown: Winners and losers

When I was growing up in the Midwest (Columbia, MO, to be precise), flavored potato chips were a favorite of mine. Though I preferred sour cream and onion, barbecue would do in a pinch. Imagine my delight, then, when my colleague Ryan Lekivetz informed me that our neighbors to the

Chocolate smackdown: The final analysis

Recently, my colleague Ryan Lekivetz wrote about our trip to Discovery Summit Europe in Brussels and our plan to test whether Belgian chocolate was really better-tasting than US chocolate. Ryan has blogged in detail about the constraints of designing the study, as well as the factors involved. In this blog

AMA Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum is next week!

There’s a saying in publishing that you measure a book’s impact in two ways: how many people buy it, and how many people read it. There’s a similar saying in statistics: You measure a technique’s impact by how many people know about it and by how many people actually use

Probability and Multiple Choice Profiler in JMP 12 Choice platform

In an earlier post, I introduced the Probability and Multiple Choice Profiler, two new tools in the Choice Platform that help visualize comparisons between competing products and predict market share for proposed new products. This post covers step-by-step instructions for how to open and use the profilers in JMP 12.

Q&A with consumer research expert Rob Reul

Rob Reul, founder and Managing Director of Isometric Solutions, has decades of experience helping businesses understand what customers want. In his Analytically Speaking webcast, Rob talked about using data analysis to focus product development in areas that customers consider most critical. Rob demonstrated some great success stories in choice modeling