Heman Robinson
Principal Software Developer

Heman Robinson is a software engineer specializing in data visualization and usability. He leads development of the HTML5 framework for JMP. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina and an MSEE from the University of Southern California, and has been at SAS for 20 years.

Interactive HTML: Graph Builder and more in JMP 13

In JMP 11, we built interactive HTML technology into JMP to enable customers to share results. You can publish JMP results to the Web, post them to a corporate intranet or shared drive, or share them with colleagues via e-mail. In JMP 12, we added support for Bubble Plots, Profilers

Using JMP 12 Interactive HTML reports on mobile devices

In a previous blog post, I described our goals for JMP 12 Interactive HTML reports, to support: Bubble Plots Profilers Mobile devices In this blog post, I'll describe in detail our user interface for Interactive HTML reports on mobile devices. Mobile First Many customers want to share JMP reports with

Coming in JMP 12: Interactive HTML for mobile devices

Our goals for interactive HTML reports in JMP 12 were to support the Bubble Plot, the Profiler and mobile devices. Many customers want to share JMP reports with colleagues on iPad or Android tablets, but these devices have different requirements than the desktops. In JMP 11, we exported interactive HTML

How it works: Interactive HTML in JMP 11

Interactive HTML is a new technology for sharing results in JMP 11. In a previous post, I showed these examples: Diamonds (Distribution Analysis) Movies (Multivariate Analysis) Sales per Employee (Fitted Model) In this post, I want to describe in more detail how to use this new feature. There are two

Sharing JMP 11 results with interactive HTML

It has been an interesting decade for interactive Web technologies. The original standard, Java applets, was replaced by Flash and AJAX. For a brief time, Silverlight looked like the technology of choice. Now, the industry has consolidated on HTML 5, the interactive evolution of HTML. Interactive HTML can run powerful