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New in JMP 12: Data Table support for images (part 2)

Author’s note: Today’s example applies to a map created in Graph Builder, but you can use this approach in the majority of platforms in JMP. ... Read More

New in JMP 12: Data table support for images

When most people hear the word “data,” their thoughts turn to numbers or text. Increasingly, however, the data we may wish to analyze includes images. Consider the ... Read More

How to create custom menus in JMP

Two of the biggest reasons our users love JMP are its interactivity and its ability to dramatically reduce the time needed to perform routine yet ... Read More

New Journal Text Sledgehammer add-in available

JMP journals are a great way to organize, annotate and present analysis results. You may not know this, but the color, font, size and style ... Read More

New JMP Journal Packager Add-In now available

JMP Journals are a great way to share the results of your analyses. One particularly nice feature of using a journal is that you can ... Read More

New contingency analysis add-in for JMP

A contingency analysis determines whether there is a relationship between two categorical variables. A caterer, for example, might be interested in knowing whether entrée selections ... Read More

Lookup tables in JMP

A few days ago, I showed a customer how she could use lookup tables in JMP, and I thought it would be a good idea ... Read More

New Imputation Add-In for JMP Pro

If you never have to deal with missing data, please count your blessings — nothing to see here today! However, for those of us who ... Read More

Marginal Model Plot Add-in for JMP

If you attended this year’s Discovery conference, you may recall Dr. Sheather’s enlightening presentation on marginal model plots. Now, you can easily create marginal model ... Read More

Extended Summary Statistics Add-in for JMP

The Summary platform in JMP offers an easy way to report many statistics, over multiple “By” groups, in data table format. The Distribution platform offers ... Read More