Visual Six Sigma: A practical approach to data analysis and process improvement

Do you want to discover new and useful knowledge in your data using interactive, dynamic graphical displays? Would you like to be able to make sound decisions faster by understanding the patterns of variation in your data and separating it into useful signal and random noise? You can, with the […]

Extending Capability Animation with an add-in: Interactively exploring the impact of proposed process changes

In quality improvement, it’s common to talk about the "voice of the process" (intrinsic variation in the outputs of an in-control process) and the "voice of the customer" (specification limits that express the range of output values customers will not be unhappy with). A capability analysis compares these two "voices," […]

"Quality time" with the Ramírez family

Award-winning authors Brenda Ramírez and José G. Ramírez were our guests for the March installment of Analytically Speaking. If you missed their webcast, it’s now available on demand. During the interview, they discussed how traditional quality techniques – when updated with the latest advances in analytics and data visualization – […]

3 steps to using data and Lean Six Sigma to drive decisions

In these long, hot (and wet! at least in the Northeast) days of summer, while people are off on vacation and doing other summer-type stuff, I’ve decided to use the “down” time to do something new. I’m working on a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt project around increasing the effectiveness […]

Video Case Study: Explore and Leverage Historical Data

On April 28, Jami Hampton presented a case study using historical data to help determine the cost and cause of a company's late shipments. The company's goal? To improve its processes to ship on time and and increase profitability. Some of the customers charged the company when they received their […]

Visual Six Sigma -- Tips for Measurement Phase Using JMP

I chatted with Malcolm Moore, JMP Technical Manager for Europe, about the Scientific Computing article by Mark Anawis: "Six Sigma in the PC World -- Investigational approach benefits from the power of statistical tools." Anawis describes how statistical tools, including JMP, can be used as part of the DMAIC methodology. […]

Dr. George Box Speaks at Discovery 2009

It is a rare and exhilarating opportunity to dine with a legend. And at Discovery 2009, that is exactly what attendees did. After a full day of keynote speakers, breakout sessions, poster browsing and meeting the developers, conference-goers convened for deep-dish pizza and the chance to hear from Dr. George […]

A Strong Voice at Twin Cities JMP Users Group Meeting

The inaugural meeting of the Twin Cities JMP Users Group will feature a talk by a Minneapolis-based Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Strong Shih-Chuang Huang. Huang is involved in Six Sigma program implementation for Beckman Coulter worldwide, a manufacturer of biomedical diagnostic systems, reagent tests and supplies. Huang's presentation, "Breakthrough […]

Visual Six Sigma: It's Fun. It Works. Learn How to Do It.

Experts agree that Six Sigma is a highly disciplined process that helps everyone in an organization develop and deliver near-perfect products and services. Discipline? Necessary, sure. But that doesn't sound energizing or fun. That's where Visual Six Sigma, a phrase JMP coined, comes in. JMP Visual Six Sigma is fun […]

JMP® Training in Europe -- Analytics for Green and Black Belts

NNE Pharmaplan is an engineering and consulting company headquartered in Denmark, with 20 locations in Europe, North America and Asia. Its expertise? Pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturing. Its purpose? To enable clients to establish state-of-the-art production facilities and use methods that meet the myriad of production and regulatory demands […]