We are gearing up for SAS Global Forum! Are you?

What is SAS® Global Forum, you ask? It is the premier event for SAS professionals worldwide, offering educational and networking opportunities, as the conference has done since the first meeting in 1976. The conference is an annual event planned and sponsored by the SAS Global Users Group, which is open […]

SAS Global Forum 2012: Wearing different hats

In the 16 years I have been at SAS, I have been fortunate to wear many hats: technical pre-sales, product management, product marketing and even doing a five-month assignment at a large bank in the UK. When you think about what it takes to make discoveries from data and create […]

Questions for JMP at SAS Global Forum 2012

The JMP booth was a hub of activity during the first full day of SAS Global Forum 2012. We received a wide range of questions, and I would like to share some of them with you so we can all participate in the global conversation about SAS and its products. Q: […]

JMP Demos are Super at SAS Global Forum

The second full day at SAS Global Forum is in the books. One of the most informative ways that users learned about JMP was stopping by the demo floor. Throughout the day, JMP technical experts shared 15-minute Super Demos, where they highlighted new and exciting features in JMP 10.  Topics […]

See JMP at SAS Global Forum next week

It is that time of year again, when a contingent of JMP staff head to the biggest gathering of SAS professionals in the world, SAS Global Forum, April 22-25. This year, it's in Orlando, Florida, and as usual we will be providing lots of good information for SAS users who […]

Books to Learn JMP

While I was working in the JMP booth at SAS Global Forum a couple of weeks ago, quite a few people stopped by to ask me about books. What books about JMP are there? What are the best books to learn JMP? I can answer the first question myself. We've […]

SAS Global Forum: Evolution of Linear Models Talk

What a pleasure to hear Dr. Ramon Littell’s perspective on The Evolution of Linear Models at SAS Global Forum yesterday. Dr. Littell is the recently retired chair of the Department of Statistics at the University of Florida (my home state). His analogy to “the perfect storm” was appropriate for the […]

JMP Presentations and Papers at SAS Global Forum

Along with several other members of the JMP group, I'll be at SAS Global Forum in Las Vegas next week. There's a lot of good information of JMP at this annual gathering of SAS users. So stop by the JMP booth and look out for the many Super Demos and […]

Book Drive Speaks Volumes about SAS Global Forum Attendees

Are these people speaking English? I’m in Seattle at SAS Global Forum, where some of the conversations (OK, a lot of them) are over my head. I’m hearing programmer-speak, scientist-speak and statistician-speak. Let’s face it, SAS users are some of the smartest folks around. But they’re not just smart. Between […]

Visual Analytics and JMP

I'm at SAS Global Forum this week in Seattle, where I'm doing a couple of Super Demos on Visual Analytics and presenting a data visualization paper. In preparation for the conference and my paper, I looked into the term "Visual Analytics." In 2004, the US Department of Homeland Security chartered […]