Formulations involving both mixture and process variables

Ronald Snee and Roger Hoerl have written a book called Strategies for Formulations Development. It is intended to help scientists and engineers be successful in creating formulations quickly and efficiently. The following tip is from this new book, which focuses on providing the essential information needed to successfully conduct formulation studies in the […]

Interactive HTML: Profilers in 3 more platforms in JMP 13

In JMP 12, an interactive HTML Profiler was added, as I had previously blogged about. That change mainly updated the existing Flash functionality to HTML5 technology, making it available on mobile devices like an iPad, but it also introduced a few new features. Among these was the option of exporting […]

JMP 13 Preview: Improvements to the Analyze menu for a better user experience

From time to time, the addition of new features requires a review of how capabilities are organized and presented in JMP. Are they located where it makes the most sense and where users would expect to find them? For example, in JMP 12 there was enough new material combined with […]

Making sense of sensor data with JMP

Scientists and engineers who work with high-density sensors face data problems that can make getting insights from data more challenging. Whether you’re trying to make sense of information from industrial devices living on the Internet of Things or monitoring health and fitness parameters, JMP provides an ideal sandbox for sifting […]

More on analysis of means and model building

I had the privilege of participating in JMP’s Analytically Speaking series a couple of weeks ago (June 8, 2016). While I was able to answer many questions submitted during the live broadcast, there were additional questions that are answered in this blog post. In addition, look for future blog posts […]

“Bolder” statistics with Karen Copeland

Dr. Karen Copeland will be our featured guest on Analytically Speaking on June 8. She is the owner of Boulder Statistics, a successful consultancy to a wide array of industry sectors around the world — medical device, diagnostics, chemicals, marketing, environmental, consumer and food products, pharmaceuticals, and web analytics, among […]

AMA Advanced Research Techniques (ART) early registration ends Thursday!

I’ve posted here in the JMP Blog about the American Marketing Association’s Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum and the impressive work that’s presented there every year. As co-chair, I am doubly excited for this year’s conference, which will take place June 26 – 29 in Boston, MA. We had an […]

Design of experiment: Analysis by model visualization

Last week, I described model visualization – which is simply applying data visualization to models – and explained why I find it useful. Designed experiments, especially small DOEs, are a perfect place to practice model visualization. Another term for this could be “analysis by Graph Builder.” I am not suggesting […]

Why model visualization is integral to model building

Model visualization? Data visualization has gained traction in the past few years, with numerous interesting books and talks focusing on improving our data visualization skills. JMP’s own Xan Gregg recently spoke about data visualization on Analytically Speaking). Model visualization is simply applying data visualization to models. When I can “see” […]

Analyzing Manning and Brady over the years

If you follow pro football (and probably even if you don't), you know that last night the Denver Broncos beat the New England Patriots to earn their spot in Super Bowl 50. But as if a shot at the Super Bowl wasn't big enough, this game meant even more than […]