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Enhance Language Skills with Spanish Grammar Resources!

Are you looking for resources that teach linguistic competence (about the language) and communicative competence (meaningful communication)? Spanish Grammar in Practice has 11 interactive resources that enhance listening, reading, and writing skills with extension activities for speaking skills. Each offers three levels of Spanish instruction--beginning, intermediate, or advanced--with the focus

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Doggone Homework

In my school days, I recall making a dishonest, last-ditch effort to explain an English-class delinquency by claiming, “The dog ate my homework.” Perhaps some teachers are gullible enough to believe this bit of gastronomic nonsense. But none of them taught at St Pius X School in Rochester, NY.  That

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Writing Navigator: Now a Free App!

Writing Navigator–a powerful suite of tools that guides students through the process of planning, drafting, revising, and publishing their written work–is now available as a free app. Already available as a web-based resource in SAS Curriculum Pathways and as a Chromebook app,  the new iOS app places this innovative tool