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This article was co-written by Nick Johnson, Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Partnership. Check out his blog profile for more information.

As employees continue to adapt to the reality of remote work — collaborating with teams near and far — it is vital that organizations have the right collaboration and productivity tools at their fingertips to support teams remotely. With over 250 million monthly active users, Microsoft Teams has become the collaboration tool of choice for thousands of organizations, changing the way meetings are conducted and how teams access the documents and data that support their business operations.

SAS and Microsoft are partnering to inspire greater trust and confidence in every decision, by driving innovation and proven AI in the cloud. With a combined product roadmap, SAS and Microsoft are working tirelessly to improve offerings and connectivity between SAS Viya and Microsoft. That’s why we’re especially excited to announce SAS Conversation Designer is now generally available in Microsoft Teams.

Conversational AI enables humans to interact with machines using natural language – text or voice – and instantly get a human-like, intelligent response. And ChatOps – a way of collaborating that connects people with process, tools and automation into a transparent workflow – can enable your teams to work together on complex analytics processes without writing a single line of code. Conversational AI is creating new opportunities for finding insights in your data by simply asking a question in natural language to a chatbot.

Now, you can ask questions of your SAS and open-source data directly from the Microsoft Teams toolbar and share insights directly with your teammates without jumping between application interfaces. Chat-enabled analytics does the work for you by providing data, reports and visualizations through a chat interface in Microsoft Teams.

With SAS Conversation Designer in Teams you can:

    • Build and deploy a chatbot with ease using a low-code visual interface.
    • Get answers and complete tasks using SAS’ industry leading natural language processing.
    • Access data, reports and visualizations via chat – even run advanced analytics and AI.

Follow the quick start guide below to see how easy it is to build and deploy natural language chatbots in your Microsoft Teams environment.

Get started:

Step 1: To get started, log onto SAS Viya through a web browser using Azure AD for simplified access.

Step 2: SAS Conversation Designer’s visual interface is where you can build a chatbot. You can see where key words and phrases, intents, and dialog shown on a visual pipeline create a structure for the chatbot.

Step 3: Now that the critical elements of the chatbot are in place, the chatbot can be published and is ready for interaction.

Step 4: Let’s put this bot into Microsoft Teams. Gather the information within SAS Viya for configuring a manifest file, then enter the information into the App Studio in Microsoft Teams.

Step 5: Start a conversation! Your chatbot is ready to provide insights and accelerate collaboration for you and your colleagues.

Learn more

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