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I think we can all agree that lifelong learning is the future, for all of us. We know that we need to learn and develop all the time, simply to stay abreast. The world is changing fast, and we must change with it. Investing in analytics talent is an investment in your future.

Create a corporate learning culture

Organizations may embrace the concept of data in their work cultures, yet they fail to commit to developing the analytics skills their teams need to harness the data. Organizations often don’t know what skills their team has, the skills they’re lacking, or even where they need their employees to go. Corporate training brings new avenues for career development and professional training, and that can have a huge impact on retention.

Companies that understand the importance of continued skill development for their employees will set out a vision and develop a corporate learning culture. Leaders are needed who can drive a cultural change towards continued learning in the organization. Hiring curious people and rewarding that curiosity develops the right mindset. Revealing the knowledge gap that employees have is a good trigger to get the learning started.

When an organization wants to close the talent gap for Analytics and AI, SAS can offer support on the whole journey.

Company objectives and goals will determine how the skills development program will be shaped. Once the roles and desired skills levels are determined, SAS will provide a Learning Needs Assessment to uncover the skills gaps.

Based on the findings from the assessment, a program for learning and development will be proposed for the different target audiences and to work towards company goals.

With readily available digital assets, the first steps to a learning platform can be realized quickly. By dynamically developing more assets and creating domain and company specific materials, continuous learning is encouraged and facilitated.

Power of online learning

Today most of us are forced to work from home due to COVID-19. We know the future of work will look different; we are getting used to the digital channel for communicating and interacting. Though the digitization of learning has been going on for many years, learning content is now moving to the cloud, becoming accessible across multiple devices and teaching environments and often being generated, shared, and continually updated.

Millennials feel most comfortable with this digitization, but the wider workforce will ultimately benefit from access to digital learning assets. Integrated cloud-based platforms enable more than just new computer programs or smartphone apps. Smart organizations are now expanding their use of cloud-based learning to run personalized online courses, small tailored live web sessions, instructional videos, e-coaching, communities, virtual classrooms, and simulations games. SAS is responding to this need by offering several free options for learning including e-Learning, online tutorials, lab time, SAS Academy for Data Science, and a SAS Learning Subscription that offers more than 100 e-Learning courses. There is something for everyone!

Finding analytics talent within your workforce can be challenging. It can be hard to assess the skills and identify the talent you need for specific solutions. With an unparalleled depth of understanding in the industry, SAS can help identify, cultivate and grow analytics talent in your organization. In addition, we’ll help you to build a talent pipeline in partnership with local academic institutions, if needed.

Do you want to start today with learning essential skills? Take a look at how SAS can help your organization to get ahead, through our learning solutions customized to help you train your team. Or transform it.


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Big Data and Advanced Business Analytics Learning Advisor. European regional Education director SAS Institute. Ms. Lubbe is a seasoned professional in the world of IT skills development. She started as a trainer and a consultant working for Oracle delivering learning solutions for companies including Canon, Rank Xerox, and Cummins Holset. Followed by Education management roles in Peoplesoft, Oracle, and SAS Institute. Over the last 20 years, she has been supporting companies in technology adoption and advising on developing IT skills. In her current role, she is leading a team of learning advisors from various European countries with projects for customers in different industries. Examples of initiatives are the Academy for Data Science for Eurapco group and the Young talent program with partner Procam. Specialties: Learning, data science, strategy, digital, transformation, innovation LinkedIn profile:

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