SAS hits sweet spot at SAS Global Forum 2014


My husband is a life-long golfer so I’m no stranger to the term “sweet spot”. So when I heard the applause after Dr. Goodnight announced free software for students and faculty, my first thought was SAS has hit the sweet spot with this one.

At WUSS in November, I attended a panel session on SAS in the Cloud, which was largely a discussion of SAS OnDemand for Academics, the software offering for the Academic Community. There were two recurring themes among panelists and audience:  students with Apple devices having no access to SAS and students often frustrated with installing SAS on their devices.

In the few short months since the Las Vegas conference, SAS has made good progress in expanding access to SAS software. For many, the highlight of SAS Global Forum 2014 was the launch of SAS Analytics U and the announcements of the SAS University Edition that will be released later this spring.

Ideal for basic data and statistical analysis in teaching, research and self-paced learning, the SAS University Edition will now provide easy access to SAS foundational technologies, at no cost, with a smaller footprint and shorter downloads. Students and professors will now be able to access SAS software in the cloud or on their device based on their individual work environment.

SAS Product Manager Amy Peters shared a few key points in Tuesday’s Technology Connection. SAS University Edition:

  • is available to students and faculty
  • runs on most major platforms—Windows, Linux or Mac
  • is a vApp download. All you need is a virtual machine player
  • includes the most recent versions of Base, SAS/STAT, SAS/IML and SAS ACCESS to PC File Formats
  • includes access to SAS Studio, SAS’ newest web-based tool for writing and running SAS code
  • will be available May 2014 for worldwide consumption

Watch for more announcements, details and updates about the SAS Analytics U program after the conference. Visit these locations to learn more about SAS University Edition when it’s available and to become part of the SAS Analytics U community:

As a footnote, I was amused when I found this text-book definition on Wikipedia:  “The sweet spot is a place where a combination of factors results in a maximum response for a given amount of effort.”

SAS Analytics U and SAS University Edition are indeed the sweet spot as we gear up to train the next generation of analytics leaders.


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Christina Harvey is an editor for SAS External Communications. She has more than 20 years experience as a technical writer and communications specialist for SAS.


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  2. Good news,
    All the current generation of students and Academia and future will be happy for Dr. Goodnight's SAS institute generosity. As one of the first batches users of SAS on IBM / JCL main-frames right after the graduation, I feel SAS has come a long way from licensing each and separate modules to free distribution of product the students and faculty, it is indeed heartening to see the generosity.

    • Christina Harvey
      Christina Harvey on

      Thank you, and I couldn't agree more about the good news! I too was among that first generation of SAS users, using Base SAS on the mainframe to analyze my graduate research. In fact, colleges and universities were where many of us became loyal SAS users, and it's great to see today's students will have the same opportunity.


  3. Prashant Chegoor on

    This is great news indeed.I also wish SAS add the SAS/GRAPH module to the SAS University Edition in future so that people wanting to learn Graphs via SAS will benefit from it.SAS/GRAPH being daunting and complex at times needs a lot of practice and as such this will help such people wanting to learn it.The Best part of SAS University a edition is that it can be used even without the Internet after the initial download.This is awesome.

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